A closing note ..

First and foremost, I want to say thank you to all the eagleholics who joined me on my journey with the eaglecams!

There are a thousand reasons why I found a love for the eagles and the eagleholic community over 5 years ago, and a thousand reasons now why it is time for me to focus my energies on other things. I wish I had a single reason to give you, but there really isn’t one.

To all of you who helped contribute to the site, you have my endless gratitude and thanks!

To those who will be disappointed that the site isn’t updated anymore, I understand and am truly sorry. it was not an easy decision. The site still has quite a bit of traffic and knowing that I would be disappointing people was the hardest part of the decision.

To the friends I have made through this journey of being an eagleholic, and who might be worried that something is wrong. Thank you for your thoughts, but everything is good, I promise. It is just a combination of family and work needs that has brought on this change.

I will still watch the cams when I can and hope to see you on the chats, I just can’t keep the site updated at a level that I think I should do, to do it right, and so have decided to discontinue updates.

Love, Twizz