Eagle Cam List 2013

Links to more than 25 Bald Eagle Cams in North America.  Many people have generously helped to put this list together.  If you know of any Bald Eagle cams that are not listed yet, we’d love to have you post a comment with info!    Also please visit the main pages of these wonderful organizations to find out how to support their efforts!  Thanks!    Be sure to scroll down to see all cams! (Note: cam status listed is ‘in general’, daily changes may occur)

Alcoa – Davenport – Iowa (offline for the season) first egg laid Feb 7, 2013, second egg laid Feb 10, 2013, first hatch Mar 16, 2013, second hatch Mar 18, 2013, fledged

American Eagle Foundation (AEF) – Tennessee (up and running) first egg Mar 23, 2013, second egg Mar 26, 2013, both hatch May 2, 2013, moved to hack tower

Berry College – Georgia (new!) (up and running) appears to have egg(s) unknown date (noted as of Dec 21) Hatch reported Jan 30, 2013 – two chicks have been seen, fledged approx Apr 22,29

Blackwater Refuge – Maryland (up and running) 3 eggs – unknown when laid, seen mid Jan. first  hatch Feb 26, 2013, second hatch Feb 27, 2013, third hatch Mar 4, 2013, third eaglet perishes Mar 9, fledged

Boonshoft Museum – Ohio

  • Cam 1 (offline) First egg, Feb 13, 2013, hatch reported Mar 22, 2013
  • Cam 2 (offline)

Carolina Raptor Center – North Carolina   (offline?) first egg laid Jan 1 2013, second egg laid Jan 4, 2013, third egg laid Jan 8, 2013  First hatch Feb 9, 2013, two eggs non-viable, single eaglet killed by predator Mar 7, 2013, empty nest

Decorah – Iowa (going offline Aug 15) first egg laid Feb 19, 2013, est first hatch Mar 25, 2013 (3 chicks) fledged

Duke Farms – New Jersey (offline)  First egg, Feb 14, 2013, second egg Feb 17, 2013, first hatch est Mar 24, 2013, second hatch est Mar 25, 2013 fledged

Eagles4 Kids – Blair Wisconsin  also on Ustream (orig)  and Ustream (new PTZ) (old and new PTZ cam up and running) first egg Mar 9, 2013, egg disappears Apr 20, 2013

Ft St Vrain – Colorado  (up and running) first egg, Feb 17, 2013, second egg, Feb 20, 2013, third egg Feb 23, 2013, First and second hatch Mar 29, 2013, third hatch Apr 1, 2013, two hatchlings persish, one remains as of  Apr 19, 2013, fledged

Hancock Wildlife Foundation Cams  British Columbia, Canada (all cams listed this link – individually below)

Harrison Bay Tennesee

Hornby Eagles – British Columbia view from HEGPS page with chat, or directly on Ustream (up and running)

Humboldt Cam – California (new!) (up and running) first egg Mar 16, 2013, second egg Mar 19, 2013, first hatch Apr 24, 2013, second hatch evening Apr 24, 2013 both have fledged

Institute for Wildlife Studies – California (this link has all 5 cams on one page, plus now Humboldt –with chat – cams individually listed below)

Jordan Lake – North Carolina (offline) two egg(s) probably laid around second week Dec, First hatch Jan 18 2013, second egg not viable

Kootenai Refuge – Idaho  (new!) (up and running)  eggs in the nest as of March 5, 2013 but apparently not viable

Lake of the Ozarks – Missouri (up and running) first egg Feb 9, 2013, second egg Feb 12, 2013m, First hatch Mar 19, 2013, second hatch Mar 20, 2013, fledged

Lake Washington – Washington State (info)

Libby Dam- Montana (unknown status)

Metropark – Highbanks Metro Park Ohio (new!) (offline) (incubation activity noted about Feb 22) nest failed for this year

Minnesota DNR (new!) (offline for the season) 3 eggs laid first seen Jan 10 when cam started streaming (2 months earlier than expected!!!)  All eggs non-viable. Feb 25, one egg disintegrates – well past expected hatch time, 1 egg remaining as of Mar 16, 2013, final egg broken April 5, nest empty, parents visiting occasionally

MN Bound Eagle Cam – Minnesota or watch here (offline for season) first egg Mar 9, 2013, second egg Mar 12, 2013, first hatch Apr 15, 2013, second hatch Apr 18, 2013 both have fledged

National Geographic – Wash DC (new!) two eaglets hatched in March

Nature Watch – Deschutes Oregon

NCTC – U.S. Fish and Wildlife – West Virginia (WVA) aka Shepherdstown, and still cam – updates every 30 seconds (nest cams down, alternate cam up) first egg laid Feb 6, 2013, second egg Feb 9, 2013, first hatch Mar 16, 2013, second hatch Mar 17, 2013, both have fledged

NextEra (Brookfield) Maine Eaglecam 1 (up and running) first egg Mar 15, 2013, first hatch Apr 19, 2013, second hatch Apr 22, 2013 , one eaglet perished June 4, remaining eaglet fledged

NextEra (Brookfield) Maine Eaglecam 2 (up and running)

Northeast Florida Eaglecam (coming soon!)

Southwest Florida Eaglecam (cam off air, link is to their Facebook page – see section below of cams off air for details of hatches, etc – both eaglets have fledged)

Sutton Avian Research Center – Oklahoma  Two cams – Sequoyah (up and running) and Sooner Lake (cam tree has fallen down) first egg at Sequoyah laid Dec 9, 2012, second egg at Sequoyah laid overnight Dec 12/13, first owl egg Feb 7, 2013, second owl egg Feb 10, 2013.  only one egg remains.  Feb 26, the Sequoyah nest is empty. Sooner Lake, 4 eggs! unknown lay date, noted Feb 28, first two hatches seen Mar 19, 2013, third hatch seen Mar 21, 2013, fourth hatch Mar 25 – does not survive, Mar 27 third eaglet perishes, Sooner Lake 2 fledged

Turtle Bay – California  (offline) first egg Feb 6,2013, second egg Feb 9, 2013, third egg Feb 13, 2013, Mar 1 – one egg lost, first hatch Mar 17, did not survive, hatch of final egg Mar 22, 2013, chick is killed

Upper Mississippi Refuge

Whitehorse – Yukon Electrical – Canada (new!) (up and running) or you can watch at Livestream  3 eggs in nest – third laid on April 15 on hatch watch as of May 12 (when we learned of cam) first hatch May 17, 2013, second hatch May 18, 2013, third hatch May 21, 2013
all three fledged

Wolf River – Wisconsin (offline) first owl egg Feb 9, 2013, second owl egg Feb 12, 2013, third owl egg seen Feb 15, 2013, first owlet seen Mar 18, 2013

Cams offline (for various reasons)

James River – CCB (the eagles have moved to different nest)

Massapoag – North Central Massachusetts

Red Rock Iowa (Gladys Black) (the eagles have moved to a different nest)

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam – Fort Myers  (new!) (up and running) first egg laid Nov 26, 2012, second egg Nov 29, 2012 First hatch Jan 1, 2013, Second hatch Jan 3, 2013, both fledge Mar 25, 2013 (cam unrepairable after damage early April)

132 thoughts on “Eagle Cam List 2013”

  1. Thanks for your updates this year – hope you are able to continue to share this great information! Rest up now cuz we need your valuable input!

    1. Hi Mindy!, as you can see by my slow response to your comment, have been catching up on a few other neglected things lol Thanks for the nice words! I guess I’d better reset the cam list pretty soon here, since we will have not one but two Florida cams (prob first nests to lay) this year! woohoo!

    1. For the past few days the eaglets have been doing some branching, which made them a bit hard to see on cam sometimes. Today we had the first confirmed fledge where one of the eaglets flew (sort of fell but is okay) to a spot in the tree below the nest. So at this point there are truly two. However it wouldn’t be surprising to see the fledgling return to the nest. It can get pretty confusing at this point in their development as they branch and fledge. Hope that helps!

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