In the works


Skidaway Audubon Cornell Lab of Ornithology  probably around December

This particular nest showed up in 2012, Ozier said. Since then the eagles, which mate for life, have produced at least three chicks. The newest fledging — or fledlings; it’s unclear whether they had one or two chicks this year

The nest location, at a tee on the Palmetto Golf Course, was ideal for the cameras for several reasons. For starters, the course is closed for renovations. And when the golfers return, they’re not likely to bother the eagles.

Skidaway Audubon is the primary funder of the project, said Meredith Welch, the nonprofit’s project manager for the Eagle Cam project. But other entities contributed money or in-kind services including Southside Fire Department; the Georgia Golf Course Superintendents Association; the Georgia Golf Environmental Foundation; Ogeechee Audubon; the Coastal Conservation Association, Skidaway Chapter; The Landings Club; and The Landings Association.


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