Kisatchie eaglecam watching tech tips

Here are some tips and tricks that help with getting the Kisatchie cam view to work.  It isn’t an exhaustive list, it is just the things I tried and what worked and what didn’t.  If you find other things that help, would love to have you add comments to this page with info!  At the time of this update, the login is ‘bald’ and the password is ‘eagle’ – it is posted on their main web page here:

Internet Explorer:  On one PC, it just worked perfectly right off the bat on IE.  I strongly recommend trying this one first.  On another PC, I was able to log in but couldn’t get Java to be happy even though I had updated to the latest version.

Firefox:  First error I got was something along the lines of “This address is restricted. This isn’t an address usually used for web browsing so Firefox is blocking it”.   To unblock the site, you need to go in to the ‘behind the scenes’ configuration tools in Firefox.  Below are the instructions.  Use only if you are fairly confident in doing this type of stuff.

override blocking for Firefox: enter about:config in the address bar, and then right-click anywhere in the lower portion of the resulting page and select New and then String from the context menu. The name you need to enter is, and the value is the port(s) you want to open – in this case 6000.

Once I overrode security, I was able to login but still got a Java error.  I had updated to the latest Java, but Java is known to be problematic, security wise, and so even with the latest version, I hesitate.

I noticed in the left part of the cam window screen that you can choose ‘Format’.  Switching this to VLC and then following the prompts to install the VLC player worked for me.  I did have to restart Firefox after the VLC install. VLC is a generally well known and respected video player, so I am comfortable with this.

The Firefox/VLC player shows one cam window, where on the machine where IE is working I get a 4-in-1 view of multiple cams.

Google Chrome: Have not found a workaround yet

4 thoughts on “Kisatchie eaglecam watching tech tips”

  1. Not much luck with IE – it didn’t ask about Java and I didn’t try installing it. Managed to get channel 1 with QuickTime chosen after waiting a very long time and refreshing after a time out and entering the user name and password again; this is a Windows tablet/transformer upgraded to OS 10, so has some quirks beyond the normal ones. Using your config info I have the cam running on Firefox with VLC chosen, and have been able to see three channels – but I don’t see how I can recommend this to anyone unless they’re very tech-savvy.

    1. Thanks for the helpful detailed info JudyB! It is definitely a challenge trying to view this cam! When I originally posted I thought maybe someone would find the ‘easy’ answer that I hadn’t found, but it sure isn’t looking that way so far.

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