Super Video People

We are fortunate that many people capture and share video from the live cams.  Here are some of them:   (if you are one of our super video people and I don’t have you on the list, I would love to add you – please post a comment to let me know)

Judy and Vicki’s FB page with links to many Southwest Florida cam videos and pics









Kelli Rooney

RRP’s YouTube Channel


shown below-primarily IWS – Channel Islands nests:








13 thoughts on “Super Video People”

  1. Hi Twizzkid.
    I never realized you had a list of videographers. I love your updates on all the nests. Thank you or all the updates. I would love to have you add my pages. As you know, I do videos of wildlife with special emphasis on birds. I regularly follow the Southwest Florida bald eagle nest (Harriet and M15) and do ground videos.
    Wskrsnwings FB page:
    Youtube page:

    1. Hi! Happy to add you to the video page (and just did). I didn’t list your FB page because, generally I don’t list FB pages, just direct video pages. The other one listed with FB is a page they designated for Videos specifically so I did add that one. In retrospect I think I probably should just stick to linking video pages directly, but I don’t want to remove theirs at this point since I already allowed it. so sorry about my inconsistency there. ..Twizz

  2. Hi there

    I really enjoy your Eagleholic News site it is a great resource. I have been watching the birds for 10 years now amazing how much we learn just from observing them.
    I also do vdeos … here is the link to my page on utube

    I recently started a group page called Bald Eagles 101 on Facebook where i share information and encourage others to share bald eagle information, captures and video footage there as well … here is that link.

    Feel free to contact me anytime.

    Best Regards,
    Deb Stecyk

    1. Hope, what a beautiful video! It tells the story wonderfully! I believe there are a couple of newsworthy events happening in the next couple of days regarding the situation, so I will do a post then and include your video! Thanks for sharing your video! Twizz

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