Links to Support Eaglecams, Raptor Centers and the Eagleholic blog

I’ve done my best to gather up links to resources and direct donation sites related to Eaglecams and some Raptor Centers (at this time, specifically those with Amazon Wish lists, that I could find – there are so many others that I didn’t try to list all Raptor Centers in North America – that would sure be a great list to have! note to self – future project!).    Important disclosure:  the  links  in the Amazon wish lists and books sections of this page contain an affiliate code, which will provide a small percentage of the purchase price to the Eagleholic blog to support operation of this site.  It will not reduce any amount that would go the organization listed, and it will not increase your cost at all.   If you prefer not to use these links, they are usually pretty easy to find on the cam organization’s home page.    All of the eaglecam donation links are their direct links and I have no official or monetary affiliation with any eaglecam.  The links are just what I could find on their websites.

Amazon Wish Lists

Amazon wish lists are lists put together by the organizations with items that they particularly need for their work.  Wish lists are a great way to go if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member and can save on shipping.  I like them because I know I’m sending something they’ve identified that they really need.  Of course, I’m sure they are appreciative of direct monetary contributions as well.


Bald Eagle Books and stuff – Amazon


Eaglecam donation links (in same order as cam list) note: for organizations that use PayPal, the link is dynamic, so I have included a link to a  page with their donation button.)  Some of the cams are sponsored by funded organizations, or private businesses, so they sometimes don’t have a donation section or I can’t find one.

Alcoa – no direct donation link, but they do sell merchandise that helps with general education and riverfront work here

American Eagle Foundation (AEF)

Berry College

Blackwater Refuge

Boonshoft Museum

Carolina Raptor Center

Chesapeake Conservancy

Decorah Fundraising also a Paypal donation link on this page:

Duke Farms  – haven’t found a donation link so far

Eagles4kids – PayPal donation button on various pages – here is home page with button

Eagle Valley – supported by RRP – see Decorah above

Ft St Vrain – supported by RRP – see Decorah above

Hancock Wildlife Foundation multi-cams: White Rock, Delta, LaFarge, Harrison Mills, Chehalis Flats

Harrison Bay – Paypal button on main cam page here:

Hornby Eagles – PayPal button on main cam page:

Humboldt – part of IWS

Institute for Wildlife Studies (IWS) multi-cams: West End, Two Harbors, Sauces, Pelican Harbor

Jordan Lake

Kootenai Refuge – haven’t found a link

Lake Washington – donation info found in the text on this page – no link:

Maine I and II

Metropark – haven’t found a link

Miles City – haven’t found a link

Minnesota DNR

MN Bound – Paypal link on cam page here

NCTC – no link found

Northeast Florida – affiliated with AEF

Pittsburgh Hays

RF Eaglecam – no link found

Shiloh – donation page general for the park

Skye and Kite – no link found

Southwest Florida – no link found

Sutton Avian Research Center (multi-cam Sequoyah Vian and Sooner Lake)

Turtle Bay

Upper Mississippi Refuge

Wolf River – PayPal donation link on the page:

Yukon Electric – no link found


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