News from the Nests: Second eggs for Avon Lake and MN Bound!

Yesterday egg number two arrived at the Avon Lake nest and this evening egg number two arrived at MN Bound!  (pic is from Avon Lake) Links to cams:

Avon Lake:

MN Bound:

News from the Nests: Avon Lake, Standley Lake, Eaglet Peace and IWS West End

A recap of news from around the nests from the past day or so:

Both the Avon Lake and Standley Lake eaglecams are reporting their first egg arrived yesterday!

Some news regarding the eaglet “Peace” from the AEF NEFL nest.  Peace was rescued from the nest and is under wonderful care.  There hasn’t been any definitive diagnosis on what is wrong, but happily, he has been moved to a flight cage and they anticipate that they will be able to bring up a camera for us to watch his progress!  There is hope that he will be released.

At the IWS Channel Islands nests, unfortunately the equipment that powers the Catalina West End nest camera, just disappeared following the storms we had recently in CA.  The theory is that it fell from the cliffs in this very remote location.  So, this nest will not be online for the rest of the season.  They are reporting that the eagle pair are incubating though, which is great news!

Also, IWS has been able to bring up the Bald Canyon nest on stream, so that will be fun to watch!

Watch Caution – Sad loss of the youngest eaglet at the Avon Lake eaglecam nest

It appears that the youngest of the three eaglets passed away yesterday.  The baby was seen active and eating at yesterday’s morning feeding, but a few hours later, I was seeing reports that it just wasn’t visible anymore.  It is unclear what happened, but as I check this morning, it is certain that we only have two little ones now.  I know many folks, including me, looked through the video footage at various times yesterday and just couldn’t solve the mystery of what exactly happened.

I have issued a Watch Caution because the remains of the youngest eaglet are, I believe, visible in the nest bowl.  Yesterday I couldn’t tell if we could see the remains, but someone did report that they thought they were in the nest bowl, and as I watched this morning’s first light feeding, I suspect that is correct.  I’m not 100% certain.  Either way, since no one really saw exactly what happened, it is very likely that the remains are there and may be visible, so out of an abundance of caution I listed it as a Watch Caution.

Thank you to those who worked so hard yesterday to try and figure out what happened and who let me know that something was going on.

Third Hatch complete at the Avon Lake eaglecam nest!

Yipee!!!!  There sure are three little ones now at Avon Lake!  What a beautiful eagle family to see this morning!   Thanks to everyone for tolerating my reporting false starts on this one.  Note to self: sometimes hatches really do take 24-48 hours! 🙂 Major thanks to all the eagleholic reporters who helped watch the cam and provided me updates last night as they got first glimpses of the hatching!!  It was very much appreciated!  Link to cam:

Avon Lake update on Hatch 3 – maybe NOT in progress – still seeing intact egg

Looks like I may have jumped the gun yesterday.  So sorry about my error!  More than 24 hours after I reported that it looked like we had hatch 3 in progress at Avon Lake – I’m still seeing an intact egg.  I do apologize, I try to be very, very sure before I report anything, but looks like I got it wrong this time.   Happily there are two little ones enjoying lots of fish meals today!   Link to cam:

Looks like we have hatch number three in progress at the Avon Lake eaglecam nest!

On a snowy nest, well stocked with fish for lunch, it looks like we have a good pip that has enlarged a bit since earlier this morning, so little number 3 is working hard to join its siblings!   Link to cam: