Successful Banding at the Duke Farms eaglecam nest!

All went well with today’s banding and word on the street is that they believe both eaglets to be female!  A parent has just returned to the nest and is feeding the kids, so everything looks good!  Link to cam:

Banding scheduled for next Monday (May 9) at Duke Farms eaglecam nest!

The five week old eaglets at the Duke Farms nest are scheduled to be banded next Monday, May 9.  The Duke Farms folks have said they will stream the banding for viewers starting about 9:30am ET on their ustream channel here:

Successful banding day at the IWS Sauces nest!

Yesterday, the two eaglets at the IWS Sauces nest were successfully banded.  It was a little bit longer than usual before a parent returned, but the parents could be heard vocalizing throughout the afternoon and one did stop by before dark, and this morning they have had a couple of good feedings, so all went well and the eaglets received the tag numbers A-62 and A-63.  link to cam:

A big day for the MN DNR eaglets, they were banded today!

The  three just over 5 week old eaglets at the Minnesota DNR eaglecam nest were banded today.  Reports are that all went well and after being returned to the nest, Mom has been back and has offered snacks.  Per a note seen on Facebook, two were determined to be female and one male.   Link to cam:

Necropsy results on what happened to the Catalina West End eaglet

The Institute of Wildlife Studies (IWS) today posted the information they received on the apparent cause of death for the eaglet at the Catalina West End nest that died as they started the banding process about a month ago.  Here is their info:

“We have received the necropsy report from the the Wildlife Investigations Laboratory of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on the West End chick that died on May 28. The nestling had symptoms of acute septicemia (bacterial infection in the blood), and this was the apparent cause of death.”

They also said that it was a girl, and many watchers have unofficially named her Angel.

Tragic loss of an eaglet during banding today

Sadly, the eaglet at the Catalina West End nest died in the arms of the biologist during banding today.  Here is part of what was posted this afternoon about what happened.

We are sorry to report that the bald eagle chick on the West End of Santa Cruz(Note: Assume he meant Catalina) Island died shortly after biologists retrieved the bird from the nest to be banded. The bird was not showing any signs of stress, when it hung its head and died while being held by Dr. Sharpe. This is the only death that has ever occurred during a nest visit and banding. Sometimes there are pre-existing congenita

Here is a link to the cam discussion if you would like to offer condolences to those who loved this eaglet:   I know also that because it happened during banding, many may have strong feelings regarding the situation,  so I have started a special discussion post on Eagleholic Talk, an independent forum where you can post your thoughts.

Watch Live! – Banding day at IWS Two Harbors and West End, Wed and Thurs!

The schedule may change, but the current plan is to band at the Two Harbors nest on Wednesday the 27th, early afternoon Pacific Time, and then West End Thursday the 28th in the morning.   The plan is also to stream the bandings live on the eaglecams.   Link to cams:

Here is the note from Dr. Sharpe of IWS as of about 3pm Pacific time this afternoon (Tue): “I need to fly out to San Clemente Island on Thursday afternoon, so I will band the Two Harbors chick tomorrow in the early afternoon (can’t leave Avalon until around noon) and will band the West End on Thursday morning around 10 am or so.”

Banding at Humboldt Bay eaglecam – Fri June 6!

Update: the time has been scheduled for about 10am Pacific time.

Banding is tentatively scheduled to happen this Friday, June 6.  I am assuming it will be streamed (haven’t heard otherwise, and they did last year).    Link to cams:

How big is that eaglet? – our ‘lil ones are not so little! LOL

I just thought it would be fun to post and save a picture that shows just how big eaglets are.  This is one of the 6 week old Duke Farms eaglet during 2014 banding.  It is so easy to lose size perspective when watching the nests on webcams and I’m always amazed to see them in relation to human size. Photo thanks to the Duke Farms banding team! Congratulations to them on today’s successful banding.