Second Hatch underway at the Berry College Eaglecam nest!

Yesterday the first hatch completed and we welcomed little “B8” to the world and this morning we got a good look at the progress on the second hatch!  Link to cam:

First hatch complete at Berry College! Second hatch underway!

This morning we got our first really good peek at the first Berry Eaglet of the season, named B6.  Looks like we have a pip in the second egg too!  I always love watching the dad eagles as they arrive and peer in to see their little ones for the first time, it is so sweet.  Link to cam:

Hatch in progress at Berry College!

Overnight, we had glimpses of a nice pip and were treated to cute baby eaglet chirps as the little one begins to work its way out of the shell.  Will the new little one exit its shell today and be a Valentine’s baby?  What fun to watch and find out!  Link to cam:

Fledge and Branch Report!

Here is a quick report of the latest fledging and branching news:

Both Berry College eaglets have successfully fledged!  One of the eaglets was not seen for a couple of days after fledging, but was seen with Dad Eagle today, and the other has been sticking close to the nest and has been visible on cam.  So, both doing well!

One eaglet at Minnesota DNR has branched!  Looks like sibling won’t be too far behind.  Pic above is from the Minnesota DNR nest this afternoon.

Video: Berry College eaglet B4 Fledges!

Note: in the video – to see B4, you have to look just below the word ‘nest’ in the text logo at the bottom left of the screen – all you can see is a flash of wings and then a quick fly by. After a bit of drama yesterday when a branch apparently broke sending B4 down to a perch below the nest, and not returning to the nest overnight, B4 successfully fledged today! (thanks to Chris for the heads up yesterday of the start of the situation)  Reports from the ground are that B4 did a great flyover and is doing good!  Link to cams:

Second Hatch at the Berry College eaglecam nest!

We now have two little bobbleheads, “B4” and “B5” at the Berry College nest with the overnight hatch of the second eaglet.  Congrats to mom and dad eagle and all who love and watch this nest!   Link to cam: