Sad loss of an eaglet at the CarbonTV eaglecam nest

I learned this morning that sadly, one of the very young eaglets at the CarbonTV nest has perished.  Apparently it got stuck on a parent and was inadvertently carried away from the nest bowl.  The baby then became trapped in another part of the nest.  It was very cold overnight and the baby didn’t survive, although the parents did try to help it as much as they could.  Condolences and hugs to all who watch and love this nest.

Second Hatch well in progress at the CarbonTV eaglecam nest!

Checking in at first light this morning, happy to see that the second little one is almost out of its shell at the CarbonTV nest!  Link to cam:

First Hatch complete at the CarbonTV eaglecam nest!

Yippee!  We have our first hatch at the CarbonTV cam in Michigan!  I also see what looks suspiciously like a pip on the second egg, but really can’t tell for sure, so will have to watch and see what develops, but wouldn’t that be cool to  have two hatches so close together on this nest?  Link to cam:  

First egg arrives at the Beulah Michigan – CarbonTV eaglecam nest!

Happy to see the first egg arrive at this new eaglecam nest!  Had to love Dad eagle’s contribution of a stick placed on Mom’s back just after she laid the egg.  A hands on eagle dad for sure!  LOL.  Link to cam:

carbontv egg 1 dad

big thanks to Mindy for the heads up on the first egg!