News from the Nests: Third Hatch Dale Hollow, Third egg Decorah, Second egg Standley Lake, First egg Harmar PA

Sorry for just the quick recap – busy time at the nests! 🙂

We have a third hatch at the Dale Hollow Lake cam, a third egg at Decorah, a second egg at Standley lake and a first egg at the Harmar PA nest.  Thanks to all who alerted me!

Decorah Eaglecam to go live today at 3pm Central time!

RRP has announced that they plan to turn on the Decorah cam for the new season this afternoon, with the DNN cam to hopefully follow very soon. Here is a link to the cam:  (photo is from cam testing yesterday)

Decorah fledgling D24 receives band and transmitter

The Raptor Resource Project (RRP) announced the successful banding, transmitter application, and release of the juvenile Decorah Bald Eagle known as D24 today.  They determined that D24 is male.  They noted that they found D24 to be in great health and that they will begin to monitor D24 on a daily basis to watch his travels and will share tracking information  on Facebook and on their project website at

for more details on today’s banding, along with a photo, check out their Facebook page:

First Fledge at the Decorah and Pittsburgh Hays eaglecam nests!

Last evening, one eaglet from the Pittsburgh Hays nest fledged, and this morning D24 from Decorah fledged!   Both have been seen safe and sound after fledge.  Yay!  The kids are all growing up so fast LOL