Good news! Rescued eaglet DC4 to be returned to the nest!

Update: DC4 has been successfully returned to the nest!

So  happy to see that they will be able to return DC4 to the nest today!  Here is what AEF posted:

USFWS & tree climber will be returning the eaglet to the nest before nightfall tonight. Our intent currently is to keep the streaming live during the process, so you may tune in to to watch.

AEF and the U.S. Arboretum/Agricultural Research Service (ARS) will put out an official statement this weekend regarding these events.

Eaglet DC4 rescued from the AEF Washington DC nest!

The 22 day old eaglet DC4 became trapped in the sticks on the nest and was rescued earlier this evening.  The camera is currently offline and here is the information that is posted on the cam website at this time (late evening Apr 20):

Late this afternoon (April 20) DC 4’s leg became lodged in a Y-shaped stick on the edge of the nest. The eaglet was unable to free itself, so the American Eagle Foundation, in cooperation with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, arranged for the eaglet to be rescued. Initial examination of the eaglet on the ground by a USFWS eagle expert found that the leg did not appear to be seriously injured. However, the eaglet will be taken to a veterinarian tomorrow where a radiograph of the leg will be taken to absolutely confirm that the leg is generally OK. Hopefully, the eaglet will be returned to the nest to rejoin its sibling and parents in a few days.”

Many thanks to Diana for providing the screenshot of the rescue!

Successful banding day at the MN DNR eaglecam nest

The three almost 6 week old eaglets were banded successfully today.  When I checked in this afternoon they were active on the nest and had a parent providing food, so all looks great after their big excursion and visit from humans!  Link to cam:

First Hatch for eagle parents Elli and Roo at Dollywood!

There are 3 different nests on camera (although one cam is currently broken) of non-releasable eagles who live at the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary in Dollywood.  New pair Eleanor and Mr. Roosevelt (Elli and Roo) have their first hatch!  It is always so wonderful to see the eagles and the work done by AEF to care for and allow for non-releasable eagles to pair and raise chicks.  Link to cams:

First Hatch at the Bald Canyon eaglecam nest!

We have a first hatch at the IWS Bald Canyon nest!  This cam is on a remote island off Southern California and so, while hatches are always very special, and putting up eaglecams is always a challenge,  this one at this location is a real feat to bring to us.  Kudos and congratulations to IWS and all the folks who love and follow this nest! Link to cam: or here

Second Hatch at the Standley Lake eaglecam nest!

I saw reports of a second hatch yesterday at Standley Lake and captured a screenshot this morning of the two little ones as they both popped up for a nice meal!  Yay!  Link to cam: