Fort St Vrain eaglecam electronics damaged in Colorado flooding

Thanks to FFF for alerting me and Applewoody for posting info in the Hancock Wildlife Forum about the floods affecting the cam.  It sound like they won’t be able to determine the actual status of everything until the water goes down, but they are thinking 5 to 7 feet of water  was over all the electronics on the ground.   Here is a link to the thread on the HWF forums (you may need to scroll down to the latest posts).  A thank you to gmabird11 who was able to provide some pictures of the area so you can get a sense of what they are up against.  And to Greeley Joe who maintains the cams and provided the update!

Ft St Vrain Bald Eagle cam up and running..and an interesting guest on the nest!

I learned that the Fort St Vrain cam in Colorado is now up and running, and so I went to take a look and found a visitor!  Doesn’t look much like a bald eagle does it? LOL  Happy to see the cam up and running and hoping for a successful season this year!  Last year was kind of rough to say the least.