Hatch in progress at the Hanover PA eaglecam nest!

There is a clear pip in one egg and I have seen reports that others believe that the second egg also has a pip, although I didn’t get a chance to see it, so can’t confirm.   Link to cam: https://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/bald-eagle-live-cam

Second egg arrives at the Hanover PA eaglecam nest!

Happy to see egg #2 arrive at the Hanover nest this afternoon!  Link to cam: http://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/bald-eagle-live-cam and night cam: http://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/pa-bald-eagle-ir-cam

The Hanover PA eaglecam is up and running for the new season!

The Pennsylvania Game Commission announced today that the eagles have rebuilt their nest and the cams are up and running for the new season!  Yay!  Link to cams: daylight cam – http://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/bald-eagle-live-cam and the night cam – http://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/pa-bald-eagle-ir-cam

Cam seasons ends at the Hanover, PA and Eagles4kids nests

The eaglecams at both the Hanover PA nest and the Eagles4kids nest have been turned off for the season.  There was lots to watch and learn at both nests this season, but neither nest had a successful breeding season.  The picture above shows that the Hanover nest with some collapse starting last week.  Talons crossed for a great season nest year at both of these nests, and a big thanks to the eaglecam providers who allowed us to peek into the lives of these special eagles!

Watch All-Clear – Hanover PA nest

If you stepped away from watching the Hanover nest after the passing of the eaglet and not knowing how the parents would deal with it, it is okay again.  Dad eagle removed the deceased eaglet from the nest all together, so it is not visible in the nest at all at this point.   They continue to incubate the remaining egg, although, unfortunately, we are quite likely past the hatching window for the egg (although it is still possible).

I know many are wondering what the parents will do going forward.  I’ve seen nests where parents incubated for weeks past a viable egg date, and others where fairly soon after the hatching window passed, they resumed their normal non-raising-babies life.  Other times, it is possible for a second clutch – where eggs are laid again.  It is good to remember that, in general, the only time and reason that the eagles use the nest is to raise little ones.  Otherwise, they live their lives primarily away from the nests.  They will do what they need to, to keep ‘ownership’ of the nest. How vigorously they have to keep close to the nest to do that, depends on the area they are in and how much competition for nests exists.  There are lots of factors that affect the eagles lives and their actions, and ultimately, the eagles and mother nature will guide what path they take.  My thoughts are just based on the wonderful peeks we have gotten into their lives over the years that we have had eaglecams and are by no means the only options.  Link to cam: http://hdontap.com/index.php/video/stream/bald-eagle-live-cam

Critical Watch Alert. Sadly, the Hanover PA eaglet has died.

We have received confirmation from the Pennsylvania Game Commission that the young eaglet at the Hanover nest has passed away.   Fly free little one.  The remaining egg is at 38 days after being laid, so this would be considered quite late in the game for it to hatch, but it is not impossible.    This Critical Watch alert is being posted to alert people that how the parents deal with the passing of their little one could be difficult to watch. It is possible they will remove it from the nest, simply let it be eventually covered in the nest, or they may consume it.   Many condolences to all who love and follow this nest.

WATCH CAUTION! Hanover PA nest

There are many reports from cam watchers at the Hanover nest this morning that sadly, the eaglet has not been seen moving for many hours.  First I must say that I have no confirmation or definitive answer at this point.  The short time that I was able to watch without the cam buffering did not show the baby moving but it was a very short view.  I am sending out the Watch Caution primarily because if the baby has passed, there may be actions by the parents to remove the eaglet or even consume it, that some may not want to watch.  If I get any more definitive info, I will post it for sure.   Many hugs to all who love and watch this nest, and talons crossed that the concerns turn out not to be what is suspected.