First Hatch complete and Second Hatch in progress at HWF Harrison Mills!

Yesterday welcomed the first hatch at Harrison Mills and the second little one is making good progress this afternoon!  Link to cam:

Redding Eaglecam back up and running!

After being down for a while due to having components underwater and damaged from storms in Northern California, they were able to get things repaired and the cam is back online!  It is wonderful to see and confirm that there is one eaglet who is approximately 2 weeks old!  Link to cam:

Sad loss of an eaglet at the CarbonTV eaglecam nest

I learned this morning that sadly, one of the very young eaglets at the CarbonTV nest has perished.  Apparently it got stuck on a parent and was inadvertently carried away from the nest bowl.  The baby then became trapped in another part of the nest.  It was very cold overnight and the baby didn’t survive, although the parents did try to help it as much as they could.  Condolences and hugs to all who watch and love this nest.

First Hatch for eagle parents Elli and Roo at Dollywood!

There are 3 different nests on camera (although one cam is currently broken) of non-releasable eagles who live at the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary in Dollywood.  New pair Eleanor and Mr. Roosevelt (Elli and Roo) have their first hatch!  It is always so wonderful to see the eagles and the work done by AEF to care for and allow for non-releasable eagles to pair and raise chicks.  Link to cams:

First Hatch at the Bald Canyon eaglecam nest!

We have a first hatch at the IWS Bald Canyon nest!  This cam is on a remote island off Southern California and so, while hatches are always very special, and putting up eaglecams is always a challenge,  this one at this location is a real feat to bring to us.  Kudos and congratulations to IWS and all the folks who love and follow this nest! Link to cam: or here