First Hatch complete and Second Hatch in progress at HWF Harrison Mills!

Yesterday welcomed the first hatch at Harrison Mills and the second little one is making good progress this afternoon!  Link to cam:

First Hatch in progress at the HWF Delta2 eaglecam nest!

Lots of excitement on the Hancock Wildlife nests today!  First a pip at White Rock and now also at the Delta nest!  Link to cam:

Hatch in progress at the Hanover PA eaglecam nest!

There is a clear pip in one egg and I have seen reports that others believe that the second egg also has a pip, although I didn’t get a chance to see it, so can’t confirm.   Link to cam:

Looks like we may have hatch(es) in progress at MN DNR!

It is looking promising with pips seen at least one and perhaps more eggs! We could have multiple hatches close together which is always great for the little ones, less time between hatching means less size difference in competition for food and so hopefully less bonking!   Link to cam: