New Eaglecam up and running in Redding CA!

After lots of work, the folks who brought us the Turtle Bay eaglecam in the past have been able to establish cameras at the new nest location of the eagle pair Liberty and Spirit!  It is wonderful to see them again! They are currently incubating two eggs.  Link to cam:

Turtle Bay Eaglecam up and running for the new season!

Yay! equipped with beautiful new HD cams, the Turtle Bay nest in Northern California is up and running!   Link to Facebook page with more info:  Link to cams:

Happy First Hatch today at the Turtle Bay nest!

Yippee!!!  So great to see a hatch at this nest.  There have been changes in parents and no successfully raised eaglets for a few years, so it is wonderful to see the new family begin!  Congrats to eagle parents Liberty and Spirit and all who love this nest!  Link to cam:

This weekend starts Hatch Watch at 3 nests, and.. will we see another egg arrive today at Delta 2?

This weekend begins Hatch Watch at Turtle Bay, IWS Sauces and Sutton Sequoyah – see note below regarding Sutton Sequoyah.  And, if we are lucky, we may see another egg arrive at HWF Delta 2 this evening or tomorrow.  Talons crossed!

Links to cams:

Turtle Bay

IWS Sauces

Sutton Sequoyah – an interesting story here with significant time off eggs throughout the incubation time. Will we have delayed hatch? on schedule hatch? or not viable eggs?

HWF Delta 2

First egg arrives at the Turtle Bay Eaglecam!

Eagle parents Liberty and Spirit welcomed their first egg of the season on this soggy afternoon in northern California!  Woohoo!  Congrats to all who watch and love this nest!  Link to cam: