News from the Nests – a recap of recent news

Here’s just a recap of recent news from many of the eaglecam nests:

Alcoa Davenport:  The eagles have decided to build a new nest in the same tree, but not where the cams currently are.  The Alcoa folks have scouted out the situation and plan to install a new camera where the new nest is.

Lots of nestorations happening at our earliest egg watch nests!  Both the Northeast Florida and Southwest Florida nests as well as the Berry College nest in Georgia have been really active!  Last year eggs arrived on Nov 16, Dec 19 and January 7 respectively for those nests.

The eagles4kids nest is active with lots of visits by female eagle Blair and a male currently identified as “NM” (for New Male) – he will get a name at some point.

The ETSU cams got some extra funding that is going toward installing an additional camera to one of the two nests.  As of yesterday they were reporting that cam work is underway and the new IR system was installed.

The Miles City cam provided some updated info: The nest was destroyed when a thunderstorm knocked the nest out of the tree in July.  The cams are still there and if the eagles return to rebuild in the same place they will turn on streaming again

RF Eaglecam: A few days ago they noted that they will be bringing the camera back online later this Fall

The RRP supported Ft St Vrain nest got some beautiful new cams, but they are experiencing some bandwidth problems and are offline for now.  They have checked to make sure that the problem isn’t with the new equipment, so hopefully all will get resolved and we will have a view of the cam again.

At the Harrison Bay eaglecam, it looks like we have new female eagle this year.  For the past few years, we had eagle pair Elliot and Eloise.  Unfortunately Eloise has not been seen since mid September when a new female, now named Eliza arrived and has remained.  Reports are the both Elliot and Eliza have been starting a few nestorations.

At the Hancock Wildlife eaglecams, lots of nestorations being reported at the Delta nest and at White Rock lots of reports of Mom White Rock and an unconfirmed report of Dad being seen.

The Big Bear nest has been reporting lots of visits from a young adult eagle.  Will this be a first nesting season for this young one?

Upper Mississippi eaglecam has plans to upgrade the equipment before the season starts.

White Rock nest falls from tree – eagles all okay

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation White Rock nest fell from the tree today.  Fortunately the eaglets have fledged and although they have spent time in the nest to eat, etc, their flying skills are great and so it shouldn’t be a problem for them.   Link to cams:

Both Eaglets have now Fledged from the White Rock nest!

Shortly after my post yesterday on the eaglet that had accidentally fledged to a lower branch, it truly fledged! Yay! Then today the second eaglet fledged!  As I write this, I see one is back visiting the nest.  Big congrats to the White Rock eagle parents and all of the eagle aunties and uncles who love this nest!   Link to cam:

Accidental Fledge at the HWF White Rock nest!

One of the eaglets landed on a branch below the nest after missing a landing on an upper branch.  It happened yesterday and the eaglet remains on the lower branch this afternoon.  I just watched a parent bring food to the nest, so one is eating and the eaglet below is flapping wings like crazy and has been moving around the branches, so all looks good, the eaglet is just hanging out below the nest and hasn’t made it back up yet.  Thanks to LC for providing me news reports!    Link to cam:

First Hatch at the HWF White Rock nest!

Woot!!!!  We have our first hatch this year at the White Rock nest! Congrats to all who love and follow this nest!  Looks like there may be a pip on the second egg, or it could be eggshell from the first hatch, so no confirmation yet, but talons crossed!   Link to cam:

“Indy” from White Rock fledges, “SOAR” from Decorah healing and loss at Boonshoft

Here is a quick summary of recent news:   Happily, the second eaglet at White Rock has successfully fledged.  Thanks to Chris for the heads up on that one!  Great to see both Jules and Indy out and about.   The Decorah eaglet “SOAR” (D20) who is rehabbing from a broken wing, is healing well enough that they could remove the metal pin yesterday.  Also, there are some discussion, and it make take significant time for his tail feathers to repair.   More info and xray pics can be found on the SOAR Facebook page.  Finally some sad news as one of the Boonshoft fledged eaglets has perished after it was found with a severely damaged wing.  You can read more at the Eastwood Eagle Watchers forum post here: