Very Sad loss of all three eaglets at the MN Bound eaglecam nest

Sadly all three eaglets have perished at the MN Bound nest.  They were about 3 weeks old.  The cam was off for a couple of days due to low batteries (it is solar powered) and when it came back on, it was seen that the eaglets were no longer alive.  They have turned off the cam, but at the moment, the most recent video is still playing (depending on how you access the cam) and does show the deceased eaglets, so just be aware.   Condolences to all who love and follow this nest, it has always been one of my favorites too.   Here is what the MN Bound folks posted about the situation:

“UPDATE: For the past two days our camera has been off because of the rain & clouds. We need sun to charge our batteries using the solar panels, and the weather didn’t allow the power needed to run our camera. Today the sun came back out and automatically turned the camera back on. Like many of the viewers, we were shocked to see that the eaglets were no longer alive. For reasons that we do not know, they did not make it through the cold, rainy weather. We don’t know what happened the past two days at the nest, or to the parents. We don’t have any answers at this time. We’re very sorry to everyone that followed along with this eagle family and saw the unfortunate ending. At this point we’ll be leaving the camera turned off. When and if we have any further updates, we’ll post them here.”

8 thoughts on “Very Sad loss of all three eaglets at the MN Bound eaglecam nest”

  1. I would hope officials will check the nest and try to determine what happened, because these are experienced parents who have raised many eaglets successfully. Something went wrong. I would be concerned that something happened to the parents.

    Might be time for a batter back up on the camera because in a case like this if the parents went missing and it was noticed they had not been on the nest, the Eaglets might have been saved.

    There are batteries that charge when there is solar power and then supply cameras when the solar power isnt there.

    Its wonderful to be able to watch this nest, but its also a unique ability to study behavior and help lend a hand if they get into trouble.

    Can someone update as to whether or not anyone has seen the parents ?? OR if there is any investigation into what happened going on?

  2. This is just heart breaking, beyond words really. I have watched this nest like so many others. Out of 42 eagle cams I watch, it seems this year has been very hard on the Eagles this year, young and old. My condolences to all who are attached to this family, especially the parents. These cams bring such utter joy and at the same time great heart break at times.

    The only thing that comes to mind is, they are together, soaring the heavens, strong, mighty, brave and safe with God, and are Angels along with All that passed before them. God speed to their parents, to all that mourn this great loss. God bless us All, human and Gods masterpieces, such as these precious babies are and will always be.

    There is a picture that I have and it is of a Eagle soaring in heaven, the Eagle says, “Don’t grieve for me, for I am free”.

    Peace to ALL, may your memories be sweet ones, that’s what they would want us to remember them as, sweet, sweet, masterpieces.

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