Eagle Cam List

Links to more than 25 Bald Eagle Cams in North America. 

Note: as of July 2017, this list is no longer actively monitored and updated – big thanks to everyone who helped with the site over the years!!!  Eagleholics are the best and I have had a wonderful time producing the site!   ..Twizz (a closing note..)

Alcoa (Arconic)– Davenport – Iowa

American Eagle Foundation (AEF)

Dollywood Nests 
Northeast Florida Nest
Washington DC   

Avon Lake – Ohio

Berry College – Georgia  Alternate links – direct Livestream: nest cam #1 , nest cam #2 and approach cam   

Big Bear Lake – California or here

Blackwater Refuge – Maryland

Blue Bank – Tennessee

CarbonTV – Beulah Michigan  

Dale Hollow – Tennessee or here

Decorah – Iowa 

Decorah North Nest – Iowa or here or here or here

Duke Farms – New Jersey 

Eagles4 Kids – Blair, Wisconsin  also on Ustream (orig)  and Ustream (PTZ) and  both cams and chat

Eagle Valley – Wisconsin 

Earth Conservation Corp – Washington DC  

ETSU – East Tennessee State University

Johnson City or here  
Bluff City  or here 

Ft St Vrain – Colorado or here or here

Glacier Gardens – Alaska

Hancock Wildlife Foundation Cams  British Columbia, Canada (all cams listed this link – individually below)

Delta 2  Ustream side view
Delta 2 both cams – overhead and side view with chat – Wild earth
LaFarge 2
White Rock
White Rock – 4 cams on one page
Harrison Mills  North and South 

Hanover – Pennsylvania – Codorus Status Park main cam and IR cam (night vision) 

Harmar – Pennsylvania  

Harrison Bay Tennessee 

Hornby Eagles – British Columbia view from HEGPS page with chat, or directly on Ustream

Humboldt Cam – California  or individually on Ustream here and here

Institute for Wildlife Studies – California (this link has all cams plus Humboldt on one page,  (just above in this list) –with chat – cams individually listed below)

Catalina Two Harbors cam
Catalina West End cam 
Sauces, Santa Cruz Island
Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island
Bald Canyon Eagles, San Clemente Island 

John Bunker Sands Wetland – Seagoville Texas

Kenai Alaska  or here

Kisatchie Lousiana   or direct here –note: this cam can be challenging to view with most browsers needing special settings and you need the login and password (found on the main link page). For a few tech tips check here

Miles City – Montana

Minnesota DNR 

MN Bound Eagle Cam – Minnesota or watch here

NCTC – U.S. Fish and Wildlife – West Virginia (WVA) aka Shepherdstown,

Northeast Florida Eaglecam – see ‘American Eagle Foundation’ above in list for details

Notre Dame (ND-LEEF) – Indiana  or here

Pittsburgh Hays Eaglecam

Redding CA

Sandy Ridge – Ohio or here  

Sarasota Eaglecam – Florida

Southwest Florida Eaglecam both cams or here  

Standley Lake – Colorado

Sutton Avian Research Center – Oklahoma 

Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge 

Washington D.C. eaglecam – see ‘American Eagle Foundation’ above in list for details

older cams – generally offline

Carolina Raptor Center – North Carolina 

Chesapeake Conservancy – Maryland 

E-470 – Colorado

KC Eaglecam

Kootenai Refuge – Idaho

Lake Washington – Washington State (info)

Maine Eaglecam 1

Maine Eaglecam 2

Metropark – Highbanks Metro Park Ohio  

Nature Watch – Deschutes Oregon

RF Eaglecam – Virginia  (Youtube)

Savannah Eagle cam – Skidaway

Shilo – Tennessee (offline)

Turtle Bay – California 

Yukon Electrical – Canada

306 thoughts on “Eagle Cam List”

  1. It is a new season, and I know I miss you terribly and I am sure others do. I hope that you are happy and that things are working out for you and your family. I wish we could have found someone who new out to do this and was willing to do what was needed. Maybe in the future someone will take over or you will come back to us who love all of this. Just thought you might check in and read this.. Have happy holidays and new year kiddo..Laters

    1. I just wanted you to know that my cousin is on here a logout we have not had time for my side. I live on Medicare only so it it’s hard Toby the membership she has me attached to her for help.
      Happy Holidays
      Linda Kelly(hughes)

  2. You will be missed. Thanks so much for your devotion to this sight. Wishing you happy and blessed days ahead. Hope to see you on one of the sights. ❤

    1. This to the wonderful person who watched this list and must have so much love for eagles that he/she spend a lot of time updating for everyone. I live in Colorado and the first time I even began to watch the eagles two years ago I found your list right away. I was so great full to find all these cams around the United States. I so wish someone would take over this for all the people who are new or those that have been around for quite awhile. I do not understand your circumstances, but I hope that you come back someday. I am sure not many said thank you for what you did. I could never find a place on here till now. I hope this gets to you. I wish you well and you will be missed more than you know. I do not know what to do when all are parents come back, and I do not have here to keep caught up. Please stay in touch. I hope this stays up so we might here from you some day. God Bless and thank you for helping me learn the ropes and to fall in love with these beautiful eagles.

  3. Betting you’ve heard that there was a cam in nest at KC that fell?? Not really sure what the real story is other than humans scrambled to build a makeshift nest to put remaining egglet in it (and a bunny?) -looks like P brought the one that died to it this am-think DH nest has more info if interested. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVR1T223MV8

      1. I still come here to go down the list and try to figure out which nests start early. I am so sad when I come here and nothing is new. I keep praying someone will take over till maybe twiss kidd comes back home.:) You do not know how much someone works for those that come here until they are gone. Thanks for the years that you gave us information from your heart.

        Take Care

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