An Amazing Rescue story of an Eaglet unfolding in Missouri

In the past few weeks a new eaglecam had started streaming in the area near Kansas City.  Unfortunately, a storm brought down the nest that was on cam and that had two eaglets in it, killing one eaglet.  The other eaglet survived and thanks to extraordinary efforts, a man made nest has been built and the surviving eaglet returned to it!  Efforts were made to help the eagle parents locate and find the surviving eaglet and today a parent has been seen dropping off food to the new nest location!  Now the hope is that the care by the parent will continue and that the baby will get fed soon.   Many thanks to all who alerted me to the story!  If you are a Facebook user, you can follow and read more details at the Monkey Island Rescue Facebook page here:    And, there is a link to a camera on the new nest here:

19 thoughts on “An Amazing Rescue story of an Eaglet unfolding in Missouri”

  1. You are both so right about this RESCUE. A lot of us saw what you did, and I too wrote to Kim but if you didn’t agree with what they were doing, a few nasty ladies were rude and just blocked you from any further comments. I was concerned that the “Game Changing” experiment was more important to these people than the life of an injured eaglet. You were both right, it was a constant battle between those of us who care and those who want to make a name for themselves. I too hope someone takes that eagle to the right kind of facility. I researched her facility and it really is not the correct one for this kind of rehabilitation. Wonder how we can force the issue to get this baby the right help like a hacking facility in Tennessee? Maybe the whole eagle community needs to take action. Just a thought. Glade someone else voiced their opinion about this rescue , but at least it was finally rescued and baby may survive now. .

    1. Elaine,

      Happy another Eagle Lover agrees with those who put their hearts instead of their wallet and years of experience ahead of this baby who was just suffering.

      As far as being blocked, don’t see how eagleholics would allow that, but like they say the “the truth hurts”. This a open forum, not a Facebook page, whatever, I’m glad I stood up like many others, those that don’t agree with what is said by others and want to block others they don’t agree with, well that’s just unfair and wrong. It’s freedom of speech, period.

      There were some post that I read, didn’t agree with and said nothing, it’s called respect, to me anyway.

      I know people have contacted AEF in Tennessee, I’m sure they are checking it out.

      Praying everyday for a speedy recovery and it is released when able to, if not hope it finds a forever home that will treat it with the love and respect it deserves.

      Have a great day, happy Mother’s Day, to ALL mothers out there, human and Gods creatures.

      Peace to all.

      1. It was not your site that blocked people. It was the Facebook page of the people doing the rescue. Monkey Island Rescue. Sorry for the confusion. I thoroughly enjoy this site and have never seen anything that was disrespectful no matter what people said.

      2. I’m confused, I put my opinions on eagelholics website page, I never went to monkey island Facebook page never have I ever been on Facebook or replied on any Facebook page of anyone.

        My opinions just like others the 13 that are there still, was on eagleholics .com ??????

        I never left message to MIR, I did email Kimberly Hess, but we ended talking I think Monday, so who blocked me????

        Thank you

      3. Thank you Elaine. I did want to add a note that all respectful discussion and differing opinions are fully welcomed here, as long as it does not include personal attacks or very offensive language. It is one of the reasons I started this site, because it seemed on many sites, discussion was limited in one way or another. Either you couldn’t talk about different nests, or couldn’t express concerns or ideas that weren’t agreed with by some. Here, differing opinions are fine. In this specific discussion regarding KC, there was only one comment that did not get approved (and it was not by anyone currently posting here on this thread) because the person was calling people rude names and was really just downright mean in their comment. Twizz

      4. Agree with all of you completely. We should always be respectful to one another regardless of the other person’s viewpoint.

  2. FINALLY!!!!! Never should have been allowed at MIR!!! Now this eaglet has a chance for survival. I too called and emailed USFWS in DC about this, glad to do it!!!! Could not watch this eaglet move about with his leg injury and baking in that box!!!! It may not have been broken, but there may have been swelling that needed constant care. Pine wood holds heat, straw/hat hold heat, that outdoor carpet holds heat, all sun and no where to go for shade, and no parent for food, fresh nest materials and shade for comfort!!!’

    1. Your right about it all that you said… your a kind and caring soul, you did all you could just like so many. Thank you for being a voice. Your one of the many angels on earth.

      Feel good about what you did, it was the right thing to do. God bless you.

      Now this baby has a chance and you are a part of making it happen.

      Now we all can feel some peace that this babies suffering is over and it is getting the care it deserves. The leg was injured, despite what Dana and Kimberly said, anyone with eyes could see that, it’s like I told her, “while we are watching Gods creatures, he is watching us humans to see what we will do to help”.

      If anyone wants to watch suffering of the wild go watch National Geographic. It’s not for me. Can’t Handel it.

      I watch lots of Eagles nest, I’m an eagelholic, seen lots, good bad and indifferent, learn more and more everyday. Never seen anything like this, shocked it was allowed to happen.

      Glad it’s over, praying for this baby that it makes a quick recovery and one day it will be released and be a mighty eagle it was born to be.

      God bless ALL who stood up for this baby, you all did the right thing.


      1. I just hope he/she is not in the care of Kim Hess. or treated at her facility. It needs to be transported to a proper Raptor Rehabilitation Center. I feel she is not capable of the proper care this eaglet requires. She had poor judgement since the beginning of this ordeal.
        Yes, thank goodness for those who care more about the eagle than their on personal gain or viewing.
        Dana’s effort was not pioneering, others have done the same (with proper licensing and permits) in southern Florida back in 2013.

      2. Amen, the back and forth with Kim over the weekend was just beyond frustration and shock, she and her 25 years of doing this kind of work seemed to be more important than the reality of this poor baby.

        Monday I ended it with her. The baby I hope isn’t in her care… that would make me crazy..that can’t be?

        I’m just so happy it’s out of the box and hopefully not suffering anymore. The leg and unbalancing reminded me of peace at NEFL, Romeo & Juliet nest.. peace could stand and sit but when it came time to walk had same issues that this poor baby did.

        Peace was rescued, given meds and rehab with “bob” his mentor, a male eagle and soon peace was flying, putting weight on leg, perching higher and higher everyday and soon released by his family.

        Hopefully it works out the same way for this precious baby, soon he/she will be soaring the skies.

        I don’t like to argue with people, don’t like to judge etc. I will always stand for the right thing and stand up for those who can’t. But what I saw with my own eyes and reading what others writing, I just couldn’t deal with it.

        Thank you for all you did to help, your a caring soul. The world needs more of people like you for sure.

        Have a blessed day.

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