Update: Rescued KC eaglet now in Rehab

The eaglet who was rescued from a fallen nest and placed into a man-made nest in hopes that the parents would continue to care for it, has now been pulled from the man-made nest and taken to a wildlife rehabilitation center for care and hopefully a release back in to the wild.  While initially mom eagle did bring some food for the eaglet, the parents eventually stopped coming to the man-made nest.  Here is what was posted on the Facebook page by those who made the initial rescue and attempt to keep the eaglet in the wild:

“Hi everyone, After much thought and research we have decided to pull the eaglet. We thank you all for your support and concern and please be assured that KC will receive the best care possible during his stay in licensed rehabilitation center until he is finally released back into the wild. Thanks to Dana and this team for all there hard work and time with this. I don’t know of many people who would have gone to these lengths to try and keep this eagle where he belongs in the wild. We have learned a lot that might be able to help other eagles in similar situations. So we look for the silver lining in all of this and move on to do our best for KC. Thank you Kimberly Hess.

I thank Kim for all the help, and her ability to have a network of associates at her disposal on a nationwide level. That will give him what he needs at this time. KC was never mine, he belongs to Mother Nature. We were just trying to help him. The internet was down most of the day. Sadly when it was decided it was best to go to plan B, we did not have cameras up and running. KC will be fine.
There were so many great people that I got to speak with that were caring and loving people with a passion.
I am out of the loop now. I have spent a lot of money and time on this that got dropped in my lap. This is not a complaint more of a pleasure! It was an opportunity of a lifetime! But now it is time for me to regroup and get back on track with life. The wheel keeps right on rolling and the bills keep coming. Same as anyone else. This experience is now passed on to others to continue.
I will not be answering any posts.
I have to shift gears and try to catch up with all that I stopped to assist KC.
Keep your passion for your life and the animals! Stay safe.

An Amazing Rescue story of an Eaglet unfolding in Missouri

In the past few weeks a new eaglecam had started streaming in the area near Kansas City.  Unfortunately, a storm brought down the nest that was on cam and that had two eaglets in it, killing one eaglet.  The other eaglet survived and thanks to extraordinary efforts, a man made nest has been built and the surviving eaglet returned to it!  Efforts were made to help the eagle parents locate and find the surviving eaglet and today a parent has been seen dropping off food to the new nest location!  Now the hope is that the care by the parent will continue and that the baby will get fed soon.   Many thanks to all who alerted me to the story!  If you are a Facebook user, you can follow and read more details at the Monkey Island Rescue Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/monkeyislandrescue/    And, there is a link to a camera on the new nest here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVR1T223MV8