Note: this site is no longer being actively maintained as of June 2017 – for more info here is a closing note

Welcome!  This site started because I just wanted to create a place to put all the cool info that I’ve come across regarding Bald Eagle cams available to watch in North America and associated info.   Will hopefully keep adding and would love to hear from you.    I am working hard to keep up with them all, and love to see the similarities and differences between the nests and the Eagles.   Any help keeping me updated on major events is much appreciated!

(I started out wanting to have info on Raptor Centers, injured eagle updates, etc, but found out once we got to 30+ Bald eagle cams on the Eagle Cam list that I’d better stay focused pretty much only on things related to North American Bald Eagle Cams – just not enough hours in the day LOL!)


300 thoughts on “About”

  1. Twizz Kid – Just read about you on elfruler’s FB page. Thank you so much for all you’ve provided to us. I always enjoyed your updates. Take Care!

  2. Thank you Twizz for all you have done over the years.. I will miss your updates and hope to see you around in chat rooms in the future.. I know where you are coming from with putting family first (and my real job lol) Take care and thank you again

    1. I do not do social media and all summer I have checked eagleholic for posts later than May 2nd. I wondered what happened to Twizzkid, why no reason was provided. At least now I know she is still alive and has moved on.

  3. Now the consensus is that they died of hypothermia, and possibly parents have fed off one, leaving it looking like it was attacked. But hypothermia the likely culprit. So much rain and low temps for several days straight, the parents tried to cover them, but it was just too much.

  4. MN Bound eagles nest, all three babies appear to have perished. Cam was down 2 days, possible raccoon attack? Everybody is extremely upset who watches this nest. Any updates or news would be appreciated. 😦

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