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New eaglecam! Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana!

October 5, 2015 14 Comments

We have a new eaglecam to watch!  This one in Louisiana.  The eagle pair has been seen visiting and I was able to catch some nestorating happening when I watched a few evenings ago.   From their main web page, scroll down to ‘Spotlights’ section where it says ‘Eagle_cam’ which is the link and the login and password are shown there.  I had some troubles with my Internet browser needing certain things like Java, so hopefully you won’t have those issues.  I put together some tech tips on what worked and didn’t for me. The view from the cam is really nice and it looks like an active pair to follow, so I am looking forward to it!  Big thanks to eagleguy64 for alerting me to the new cam!


Southwest Florida eaglecam is up and running for the new season

October 1, 2015 3 Comments

Link to cams: http://www.dickpritchettrealestate.com/eagle-feed.html# Three years ago, the Southwest Florida cam went live for the first time, and two weeks after that, I began to enjoy, watch and report on the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and their offspring on this blog.

There have been many ups and downs as there can be with eaglecams, but I am happy to see a new season with this cam as we continue to watch and learn more about the eagle families that we love so much.

As so many are, I am also struggling with the heartbreak of losing Ozzie, and at these times question the ability of my heart to continue to watch and report the real life stories of the eagles.  But somehow the truth and beauty of these eagles always calls me back, and restores my heart, as does the wonderful group of people that share the experience.   For those that must take a break or step away, you have my respect and understanding always.  As someone very eloquently posted somewhere (sorry don’t remember where I saw it), “Eaglecam watching is not for the faint of heart”  Much love…Twizz

Very sad news – Eagle Ozzie has passed away

September 30, 2015 18 Comments

Here is what CROW posted on their Facebook page:

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Ozzie, the bald eagle, co-star of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. Ozzie passed away last night at CROW due to complications from his recent injuries that included multiple severe lacerations and a broken toe in each foot. Ozzie was brought to CROW for a second time on Sunday, September 27, after he was found weak and injured in a North Fort Myers backyard. He arrived at CROW late at night in critical condition, unable to stand and fighting septicemia (a bacterial blood infection). It is highly likely these injuries were sustained from a fight with another bald eagle near the nest that was documented on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Facebook page. It was also reported that he had been entangled in barbwire.

A necropsy will be performed on Ozzie at the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study (SCWDS) at The University of Georgia and we will share those results with you when they become available. We would like to thank everyone for their support and unwavering belief in CROW during Ozzie’s rehabilitation and recent stay. Your endless words of encouragement carried the CROW staff through challenging times.

Ozzie injury update. He has two broken toes, one on each foot

September 28, 2015 10 Comments

CROW has posted an update on their Facebook page  with pictures of the xrays.  Basically here is their report:

Ozzie has two broken toes, one in each foot. The good news is, he does not have any additonal broken bones or fractures. We should know in the coming days how long he will need to recover at CROW.

Eagle Ozzie injured again, rescued and receiving care!

September 28, 2015 7 Comments

Well, the Ozman is back in care at CROW.  Heather Halle, a very resourceful young woman realized that she had an injured eagle in her yard, suspected it might be Ozzie, and reached out on the Internet through the SWFEC eaglecam Facebook page for help in contacting CROW. CROW is the clinic where Ozzie rehabbed earlier this year. Thanks to Heather, the Internet rapid responders and CROW for their immediate response to pick up Ozzie to get him into care!

Here is what CROW posted about an hour ago on their Facebook page about Ozzie’s condition:

“Ozzie is still currently being examined by CROW hospital staff but here are a few details that we can share. He has wounds on his back and near his hip most likely received while fighting for his nest a few days ago. He has a couple broken toes that has already started to heal but this is a concern because he needs to hunt for food and defend himself. X-rays of Ozzie will be taken later this afternoon and we will post more updates as they come in.”


John Bunker Sands Wetland – eagles have returned and upgraded cam is online!

September 23, 2015 3 Comments

This was a new eaglecam last year and unfortunately they had some tech problems and the cams were down pretty early in the season.  For this year, they upgraded the cam and repaired the problem and have reported that the eagle pair returned to the nest in the past few days.  This nest is one of the earlier nests for eaglets, with incubation seen at the end of January last season.   Looking forward to watching this cam this year!  Here is a link to their Facebook page and the cam page


Eagles4kids – eagles Blair and Taylor have returned to the nest and the cams are up and running!

September 20, 2015 3 Comments

Happy news at the Eagles4kids nest, the eagle pair Blair and Taylor have both been seen back at the nest!  This nest has gone through many changes in the past few years, with injuries and other drama, from the time of beloved eagle pair Lucy and Larry, to the current pair, Blair and Taylor.  I won’t go through the permutations of combinations of eagle pairings, as it is a convoluted list.  But the happy news is that last year, as Blair and Taylor bonded and Taylor, a young male found his stride learning to incubate so there is much hope for the new season!    The cams are up and running for Season 6 and can be found here: http://www.eagles4kids.com/

Which Male will Prevail? Ozzie, FV/PB/M15 (that’s one eagle) or another outcome?

September 20, 2015 5 Comments

Just an update on the happenings at the Southwest Florida Eaglecam nest.  Ozzie returned yesterday and is now battling with the eagle that has been with Harriet for the past 6 months or so.  Originally he was referred to as FV – Frequent Visitor, then PB – unsure, have seen a couple of explanations of what PB was for, now the cam folks have decided to designate him as M15.   I know that human emotions are running high (mine too).  I will say that I am glad to see that Ozzie is healthy enough to return and fight for his territory and am hopeful that whichever eagle prevails does so without serious harm to the loser.  It is so interesting to consider what we are learning from this scenario, with a long time mated couple, then disrupted for many months apart, and a new male beginning to bond significantly with the female during that separation.  What does ‘mate for life’ really mean? We are about to learn more about just that part of eagle’s lives and it is fascinating!  I, like so many dedicated eaglecam watchers, will take a step back emotionally as much as possible, and try to focus on what we are learning about the eagles and their nature.   Having said that, hugs to all as we watch the drama unfold through the wonderful ground reports and pictures.  A couple of good places for info and photos are Dee Kelly’s Facebook page, the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam Facebook page and wskrsnwings YouTube channel for videos

Ozzie is home!!!!!

September 19, 2015 7 Comments

Wonderful news this evening from the Southwest Florida Eaglecam nest, Dad eagle Ozzie has returned!!! Reports are that he chased away FV and perched on his favorite branch.  If you don’t remember the story, Ozzie spent a few months in rehab for an injury and was released in June near the nest but has not been seen until today.  Also, a couple of weeks ago, it was announced that the new season will start streaming the cams in October.  Doin the happy dance!!!!


News from the Nests

September 2, 2015 12 Comments

Here is a roundup of recent news/info from the Bald Eaglecam nests:

Berry College:  Cam work underway with both cameras being changed out

Eagles4kids: Cams are up and running for season 6.  An eagle was seen on cam on Monday Aug 31 for the first time

AEF Northeast Florida: Dad eagle Romeo has returned to the nest from his summer travels!

Hancock Wildlife:  Unfortunately the Delta 2 nest tree was destroyed in a storm.  Plans going forward this year, will be mainly focused on the White Rock nest.  Funding and other factors will determine if other nests come online.

Southwest Florida: No sign of Ozzie yet, but Harriet and FV (Freqent Visitor) have been consistently in the area.

IWS West End and Two Harbors:  Eagles continue to be active and visit the nests often, and the cams are set to pan and show the beautiful ocean views.  Cam renovations are intermittently underway at this time.

(picture is first visit of an eagle to the Eagles4kids cam this year.  Many believe it may be Taylor)



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