Mon May 23 – update on injured eaglet E8’s recovery – signs of improvement!

Here is what CROW posted on their Facebook page today regarding eaglet E8’s condition.  Great to hear about E8’s progress!

“E8 continues to show signs of improvement. This morning the eaglet was bright and alert during surgical wound care cleaning and blood work. E8 ate some herring fillets on its own yesterday and weighs approximately 8.5 pounds. The eaglet was fully standing this morning and vocalizing after treatment. E8 remains in guarded condition.

We will have another update on Wednesday.”

Friday May 20 – update on injured eaglet E8’s recovery – upgraded condition!

Here is what CROW just posted on their Facebook page:

“Today, E8 received a second radiograph (x-ray) since the eaglets operation on Saturday, May 14. E8’s condition was upgraded to guarded based on blood work and clinical condition but
protein levels are still dangerously low. The fracture site and pin placement from the surgery look good and today E8 was able to stand and walk normal but still spends a majority of time down and sleeping.

The eaglet is responding to intensive care and is moving from a predominately liquid diet to a soft solids diet. Body weight has increased but E8 still remains extremely thin.

Although E8 still has a lengthy recovery, it was encouraging that the eaglet was willing to bear weight on its leg and use its foot and claw in a normal fashion which indicates normal nerve function.

We will have the next update available on Monday.”

Today’s update on E8’s recovery

Here’s what CROW posted on their Facebook page earlier today about the status of recovering eaglet E8:

“E8 has been quiet, alert and responsive and has not regurgitated any food the last couple of days and was fed soft pieces of rat today. E8 was observed to be hock sitting and for the remainder of the time is in the prone position (laying flat with the chest down and back up) and has been moved to a larger enclosure to encourage movement. Although positive signs, E8 is still receiving pain medication and remains in critical and guarded condition. Thanks for your endless support.”

Sad loss of the 3 day old youngest eaglet at Harrison Mills – Critical Watch Alert!

Sadly it appears that the younger of the two eaglets hatched just last week at the HWF Harrison Mills eaglecam nest has perished.  It is unknown what happened.  There was no particular aggression seen between the two, just that for some reason the littlest one stopped trying to get food and now has not been seen moving for many hours.   The Critical Watch Alert is, as always, so that viewers can determine whether to watch over the next few days as the deceased chick is disposed of.  This can take a number of forms, from the parents removing the chick, to it being buried and absorbed by the nest materials, to the parents feeding and consuming the remains.  RIP little one.  We wish you were here with us longer.  ((hugs))

A first hand account of E8’s rescue, with video!

Lorelei, one of the 3 wonderful young women who found and rescued E8, has written up the story of the search for and rescue of E8, and has posted it on her Facebook page.  It is a most wonderful story and she includes a video with pictures of E8 during the rescue.  Thanks are just not enough for these intrepid young ladies!  Here is a link to her Facebook post – you should be able to see the post even if you don’t generally use Facebook, you won’t need to login in to see the story.  (for those who are seeing this post on Facebook, many of the Eagleholic News followers do not always use Facebook, so that note was for them)


Update on injured eaglet E8 – surgery successful!

E8 is hangin in there!  So grateful for the wonderful care being received at CROW!  Here is what CROW added to the original Facebook post with an update

E8 had a successful surgery earlier today to repair the femur fracture. A pin was inserted to hold the bone in place and the eagle awoke with no complications. E8 still remains in critical care and will remain on strict cage rest. We will have an update on Monday. Thank you for your continued support.”

Eaglet E8 has been found! E8 is injured but in care at CROW

Wow!  Here is what CROW (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife) is reporting on their Facebook page – there are some photos in the their posting here:

A juvenile American bald eagle was found injured near the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam earlier today and brought to ‪#‎CROWClinic‬. After photo identification and other factors such as location and condition of the eagle, it is strongly believed to be E8. The eagle arrived thin, dehydrated and very weak. Radiographs showed a right leg femur fracture (broken leg) that will require surgery this weekend. E8 is currently in critical condition and will remain on strict cage rest. The prognosis is guarded and CROW veterinarians will have more information after surgery is complete.

Sad loss of the youngest eaglet at the Decorah North Nest – Critical Watch Alert

Sadly, the little one at the Decorah North Nest has passed away.  Even though we knew it was a possibility, it is still so hard on the heart to see happen.  I’m issuing a Critical Watch Alert because for a few days after this happens, it can be very hard to watch how the eagles dispose of the remains.  Some possibilities are that they may eat the remains, cover it up, or remove it from the nest.  Many hugs to everyone who loves and follows this nest.  There is a very nice post with some thoughts on what happened from RRP on their blog here:

Watch Caution – Decorah North Nest (DNN)

I have been so hoping not to have to issue a Watch Caution, but it has been clear that the littlest eaglet at the DNN nest is not thriving the way everyone would hope. He is a true fighter and has been right up there scrapping for food when it is available.  But the difference in ages, made it especially tough from the start for this littlest of eaglets.  At this point, he seems very weak, so I must reluctantly issue a watch caution.  I know that many have been pulling for little DNN3 nicknamed “peanut” by some chatters, and have been making decisions on whether to watch as you need to already, but for those who may not be aware, or visit the nest casually, I wanted to make sure that you know that things appear to be getting more dire at this point so that you can decide.  There is always hope and I will report for sure if the situation changes.  ((hugs))

Successful Banding at the Duke Farms eaglecam nest!

All went well with today’s banding and word on the street is that they believe both eaglets to be female!  A parent has just returned to the nest and is feeding the kids, so everything looks good!  Link to cam: