News from the Nests – a recap of recent news

Here’s just a recap of recent news from many of the eaglecam nests:

Alcoa Davenport:  The eagles have decided to build a new nest in the same tree, but not where the cams currently are.  The Alcoa folks have scouted out the situation and plan to install a new camera where the new nest is.

Lots of nestorations happening at our earliest egg watch nests!  Both the Northeast Florida and Southwest Florida nests as well as the Berry College nest in Georgia have been really active!  Last year eggs arrived on Nov 16, Dec 19 and January 7 respectively for those nests.

The eagles4kids nest is active with lots of visits by female eagle Blair and a male currently identified as “NM” (for New Male) – he will get a name at some point.

The ETSU cams got some extra funding that is going toward installing an additional camera to one of the two nests.  As of yesterday they were reporting that cam work is underway and the new IR system was installed.

The Miles City cam provided some updated info: The nest was destroyed when a thunderstorm knocked the nest out of the tree in July.  The cams are still there and if the eagles return to rebuild in the same place they will turn on streaming again

RF Eaglecam: A few days ago they noted that they will be bringing the camera back online later this Fall

The RRP supported Ft St Vrain nest got some beautiful new cams, but they are experiencing some bandwidth problems and are offline for now.  They have checked to make sure that the problem isn’t with the new equipment, so hopefully all will get resolved and we will have a view of the cam again.

At the Harrison Bay eaglecam, it looks like we have new female eagle this year.  For the past few years, we had eagle pair Elliot and Eloise.  Unfortunately Eloise has not been seen since mid September when a new female, now named Eliza arrived and has remained.  Reports are the both Elliot and Eliza have been starting a few nestorations.

At the Hancock Wildlife eaglecams, lots of nestorations being reported at the Delta nest and at White Rock lots of reports of Mom White Rock and an unconfirmed report of Dad being seen.

The Big Bear nest has been reporting lots of visits from a young adult eagle.  Will this be a first nesting season for this young one?

Upper Mississippi eaglecam has plans to upgrade the equipment before the season starts.

Decorah Eaglecam to go live today at 3pm Central time!

RRP has announced that they plan to turn on the Decorah cam for the new season this afternoon, with the DNN cam to hopefully follow very soon. Here is a link to the cam:  (photo is from cam testing yesterday)

Sad news from RRP, first year eagle D25 found deceased

Eaglet D25 from the Decorah nest was hatched last season and has been tracked through a transmitter on his travels after fledging. Unfortunately, the tracking indicated that there wasn’t movement, so they searched and found D25 deceased. Here is the FB post by Raptor Resource Project with more info…..

Sneak peak! Updated eaglecam at Ft St Vrain!

I haven’t seen an official announcement that the new and improved cam setup at Ft St Vrain is fully online, but I saw that someone posted that the link was active and we could see the new cam view.  So at least we are getting a sneak peak. It is looking great!  Great job by RRP to get out to this cam in Colorado and upgrade the systems! Followers of this nest have struggled to get a good view the past few years at this hard to get to and service eaglecam.  Thanks RRP! Link to cam:

The Southwest Florida Eaglecam is now live for the new season!

Today, the SWFL cams went live!   Here is the link:  Last year the first egg was laid on Dec 19.  There have been many reports of lots of activity at the nest by eagle parents Harriet and M15.  Here’s hoping for a great season!

Did you hear about Bigfoot being seen on one of the eaglecams last year?

Um, well this is pretty wild! – I ran across this video clip where someone watching the CarbonTV eaglecam last season, spotted something unusual on the ground.  The video was making the Internet rounds and being discussed as a possible Bigfoot sighting.  Check out this video clip.  What do you think it is?

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Eaglecam season! News from the Nests!

Hi everyone and welcome to the new eaglecam season for 2016-2017!  There are quite a few eaglecams that are already online for the new season (or stayed online throughout).  I’ve reset the Eaglecam list to show current status and clear out all the dates from last season.

Here is a little bit of news from the nests:

Both the Florida cams are reporting lots of activity at the nests.  Typically, these are the nests where we see the first chicks of the season.  The AEF Northeast Florida nest came online for the season yesterday, and I’ve seen reports that the cams are going in for the Southwest Florida cam as we speak.  (the picture with this post is Juliet from the Northeast Florida nest having lunch today)

Our beloved eaglet E8 from last season, was released back into the wild on August 18 after a successful rehab from a broken leg.  So happy to know E8 is in the wild again!

The Upper Mississippi nest, where we watched a trio of adult eagles raise young, will have new cams and wiring installed for this year.  Last year it went offline toward the end of the season with technical difficulties.

I know of at least one new eaglecam that is being planned in Tennessee.  It is located at Dale Hollow Lake. More as I learn more!

Apologies – News from the nests – and a short hiatus

Hi all, first a quick apology.  I know that I have missed reporting some key events over the past couple of weeks.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Injured eaglet E8 continues to improve, is off antibiotics and a full recovery is looking very possible
  • Decorah North’s DN1 successfully fledged
  • We learned through necropsy results that little DN2 succumbed to the effects of human introduced poisons
  • Decorah’s D25 successfully fledged and both D24 and D25 are on the move and being tracked with transmitters.

Unfortunately, it looks like I need to take a short break from reporting, and ask your indulgence while I tend to other things for a bit.  All is generally fine, but sometimes life just pops up and demands  attention elsewhere for a bit.   The good news is that this time of year is probably as close as we get, timing-wise, to a break in the eaglecam season.  We’ll see ramping up of nestorations starting at the Florida nests as soon as September, and I expect to be back at full reporting duties with bells on!  Thank you to all of you for being the best eagleholic friends on the planet!  I treasure you all and wish everyone a great rest of the summer!  See ya at the start of the 2016-2017 eaglecam season!!!



July 1 update on injured eaglet E8 – improvement! Antibiotics are working!

Yay for the update from CROW today on their Facebook page!  Here is what they posted:

“E8 UPDATE: We have received ‪#‎E8‬‘s bacterial culture test results and they indicate that the antibiotics have improved the bone infection. The eaglet will receive an oral and safer antibiotic for the next couple of weeks to clear the remainder of the infection. The radiographs (X-rays) show overall improvement and blood work remains positive. E8 continues to eat on its own and is bright, alert and responsive. The eaglet will continue to receive daily conditioning to help build strength and endurance.”

Decorah fledgling D24 receives band and transmitter

The Raptor Resource Project (RRP) announced the successful banding, transmitter application, and release of the juvenile Decorah Bald Eagle known as D24 today.  They determined that D24 is male.  They noted that they found D24 to be in great health and that they will begin to monitor D24 on a daily basis to watch his travels and will share tracking information  on Facebook and on their project website at

for more details on today’s banding, along with a photo, check out their Facebook page: