Earth Conservation Corps Eaglecam in Washington DC up and running for the new season!

The Earth Conservation Corps has announced that the eaglecam at the Metropolitan Police Academy in SE, Washington, DC. is up and running for the new year!   The eagle pair Liberty and Justice have raised eaglets for 11 years at this nest.  Link to cam:

Pittsburgh Hays and Harmar eaglecams up and running for the new season!

Today the Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania announced that both the Pittsburgh Hays and the Harmar eaglecams are up and running for the new season!   Links to cams – Pittsburgh Hays: and Harmar:  (although both cams are shown on each page and you can switch between them)

Washington DC eaglecam up and running for the new season – this year with sound!

The American Eagle Foundation announced that the Washington DC cam is now up and running for the new year and this year they added sound!   Here is the link to the cam:

First Hatch underway at the Southwest Florida eaglecam nest!

Looks like we have a good pip started at the SWFL nest!  So excited for the first hatch at this nest!  Link to cam:

The Hanover PA eaglecam is up and running for the new season!

The Pennsylvania Game Commission announced today that the eagles have rebuilt their nest and the cams are up and running for the new season!  Yay!  Link to cams: daylight cam – and the night cam –

Second Hatch in Progress at the AEF NEFL eaglecam nest!

Bobblehead number two is working hard to join its sibling at the Northeast Florida nest.  The pip was seen this morning and so hatching is underway!  One nice thing with a second hatch is that the first hatchling usually gets fed pretty often, giving us good views of the second hatch in progress.  Link to cam:

Woohoo! Pip confirmed at the AEF Northeast Florida nest!

Looks like we have our first hatch of the season underway at NEFL!  They confirmed that they have a pip mid-afternoon today.   They have great close up views at NEFL, so it will be amazing to watch!  Link to cam:

New Eaglecam! The new Dale Hollow Lake eaglecam is up and running!

We have a new eaglecam this year and they started live streaming today.   It is located at Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee.  They haven’t provided too much info on the history of the eagle pair, other than that they have been seen nesting in this location for the past 5 seasons, with chicks seen each year.  Here is a link to the cam: For those who use Facebook, they also have a Facebook page here: