First Hatch at the RRP Ft St Vrain nest!

Many thought a hatch was in progress yesterday, but it is hard to see into the nest bowl on this cam, but yep, a little one popped it’s head up this morning! Yay!  Link to cam:

Upper Mississippi Trio eaglecam is back on

They have turned the camera back on.  The two remaining male eagles have been seen continuing to care for the eaglets.  I have not seen any update on the female that is presumed injured.  Link to cam:

Quick update: Upper Mississippi Trio nest – male parent caring for eaglets

In an update on their Facebook page tonight, they have indicated that one of the male parents has fed and warmed the chicks, and continues to do so, so a little bit of good news following the concerns about the missing female.  Talons crossed that the parents are able to continue to care for the little ones.   They indicated that they may turn the cam on again, but nothing definite so far.

Upper Mississippi Trio eaglecam turned off due to possible injury to one of the parents – eaglets in peril

A difficult situation at the Upper Mississippi Trio nest – Here is what they posted on their Facebook page:

OUR NEST IS IN DISTRESS! Shortly before 6 PM Friday evening it became apparent that the Trio Nest was under attack from another eagle. In the course of protecting the nest one of our Trio engaged with the outside eagle. It gradually became apparent that one of our eagles did not return to the nest. Thanks to USFWS Savanna District Manager, Ed Britton and Assistant District Manager Russell Engelke for their efforts in searching the entire area to attempt to locate the eagle. Unfortuantely, they were not able to find the eagle. There are two remaining adults who appear to be Valor I and Valor II. Valor II sat on the nest all night and Valor I relieved him this morning. The two adults are in trees near the nest but the search activity in the woods caused them distress and perhaps their move to vantage points off nest. It is our hope that they will care for their young as they did overnight and this morning. We are in uncharted territory ourselves and cannot give you more anwers, explamations or possible outcomes. NATURE CAN BE CRUEL. We understand those who may wish to avert their eyes from the nest. Bonnie THE CAM HAS BEEN TURNED OFF!

Second Hatch at the Arconic Davenport nest!

Yay! The second hatch is complete at Arconic! And if my eyes aren’t deceiving me (I only got a glimpse), it looked like the third hatch was working really hard to get out of its egg too!  Link to cam:

First Hatch at the Arconic Davenport nest!

Yesterday, the first hatch completed at the Arconic nest.  Boy, that nest is swaying in the wind, quite the ride for the new bobblehead tucked safely in the nest bowl 🙂   Link to cams:

Critical Watch Alert – Dale Hollow nest!

As many know, the littlest eaglet at Dale Hollow referred to as DH3 was significantly smaller than the two older eaglets and did not have the same opportunities to get food and thrive.  This afternoon, the oldest eaglet severely attacked the youngest and it appears that the youngest did not survive.  However, this is not confirmed.  A Critical Watch Alert is issued when things happen that may be difficult to watch so that people will know and may choose not to watch the nest at this time.  If the little one passed away, the parents may take actions to dispose of the passed away eaglet.  This can be very hard to watch.  It is possible that they may move the eaglet from the main part of the nest, bury the eaglet in the nest, or they could eat the remains.   At the time of the attack, one parent came in and covered the smallest one with nest material.   If the worst has happened, many condolences to those who love and watch this nest.

Three eaglecams inside Dollywood!

The American Eagle Foundation (AEF) has announced that three nesting pairs in the aviary at Dollywood at AEF’s Eagle Mountain Sanctuary have streaming cams up and running.   They do amazing work with the eagles and have had a lot of success releasing into the wild eaglets hatched and raised by these non-releasable eagles.    Link to cam page: