Apologies – News from the nests – and a short hiatus

Hi all, first a quick apology.  I know that I have missed reporting some key events over the past couple of weeks.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Injured eaglet E8 continues to improve, is off antibiotics and a full recovery is looking very possible
  • Decorah North’s DN1 successfully fledged
  • We learned through necropsy results that little DN2 succumbed to the effects of human introduced poisons
  • Decorah’s D25 successfully fledged and both D24 and D25 are on the move and being tracked with transmitters.

Unfortunately, it looks like I need to take a short break from reporting, and ask your indulgence while I tend to other things for a bit.  All is generally fine, but sometimes life just pops up and demands  attention elsewhere for a bit.   The good news is that this time of year is probably as close as we get, timing-wise, to a break in the eaglecam season.  We’ll see ramping up of nestorations starting at the Florida nests as soon as September, and I expect to be back at full reporting duties with bells on!  Thank you to all of you for being the best eagleholic friends on the planet!  I treasure you all and wish everyone a great rest of the summer!  See ya at the start of the 2016-2017 eaglecam season!!!



July 1 update on injured eaglet E8 – improvement! Antibiotics are working!

Yay for the update from CROW today on their Facebook page!  Here is what they posted:

“E8 UPDATE: We have received ‪#‎E8‬‘s bacterial culture test results and they indicate that the antibiotics have improved the bone infection. The eaglet will receive an oral and safer antibiotic for the next couple of weeks to clear the remainder of the infection. The radiographs (X-rays) show overall improvement and blood work remains positive. E8 continues to eat on its own and is bright, alert and responsive. The eaglet will continue to receive daily conditioning to help build strength and endurance.”

Decorah fledgling D24 receives band and transmitter

The Raptor Resource Project (RRP) announced the successful banding, transmitter application, and release of the juvenile Decorah Bald Eagle known as D24 today.  They determined that D24 is male.  They noted that they found D24 to be in great health and that they will begin to monitor D24 on a daily basis to watch his travels and will share tracking information  on Facebook and on their project website at http://www.raptorresource.org/

for more details on today’s banding, along with a photo, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RaptorResourceProject

June 29 update on injured eaglet E8 – Flight Video!

Here’s what CROW posted today on E8’s status and link to a video showing E8’s first flight in the large flight enclosure: https://youtu.be/4r6cNsj_fhU

E8 UPDATE: E8 took its first flight this morning after being moved to the large flight enclosure earlier this week. The eaglet flew back and forth several times landing on high perches. E8 will receive daily conditioning to build strength and endurance to increase flight duration. The eaglet is eating very well on its own and is being offered fish in a pool as live prey.

We are still waiting for the test results from last weeks bacterial culture and will share those when they become available.

Rescue attempt currently underway for an injured eaglet from the RF Eaglecam nest!

Cam watchers noticed that one of the two recently fledged eaglets from the RF Eaglecam nest was on the ground hopping for an extended period of time.  It is suspected that the eaglet has an injured leg.  Authorities were called and consulted and help is on the ground this morning searching for the eaglet to capture it and get it into care.  At this nest, it has been really difficult to watch because earlier in the season, the cam was knocked from its mounting and has been dangling down, limiting what we can see to just a corner of the nest, but now, that same view, the one that shows the ground beneath the nest, made it possible for those very dedicated cam viewers to realize that the eaglet was injured.  In the photo, you can’t see the eaglet, but the light green on the path is a person looking for the eaglet.   Link to cam https://www.youtube.com/user/riverfarmeaglecam/live

June 22 update on injured eaglet E8: improvement!

Here’s what CROW reported today on their Facebook page:

“Recent radiographs show improvement in the infected bone. A bacterial culture was taken today from the bone to see how well the antibiotics are working and we expect to have those test results back next week. E8 remains bright, alert and gripping with both talons. The eaglet remains outside in the small flight enclosure where it has been standing and perching.”

Storm tossed eaglets at Alcoa – blown right out of the nest. They are okay!

At the Alcoa Davenport nest, they had a power outage a couple of days ago, and when they went to check on the nest, found the two 9.5 week old eaglets on the ground, apparently having been blown or fell from the nest during the storm that knocked out the power.  The eaglets have been checked and generally seem a-okay.  They are not quite old enough to fledge, so today, a team from the local office of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service helped put the pair into a tree, which is a safer place for them to be than on the ground.  They reported that the parents are around and attentive and everyone is continuing to monitor the situation.   Here’s a link to the cam and more detailed explanation of the happenings of the last day or two along with photos.  it looks like they don’t have power restored to the cams just yet, but they are working on it.  http://www.alcoa.com/locations/usa_davenport/en/info_page/eaglecam.asp

News from the Nests – cam season end at SWFEC, lots of fledges and a fludge!

Just catching up with some of the news around the nests as the cam viewing season begins to wind down at many of the eaglecam nests.  The Southwest Florida Eaglecam has ended their cam season – it sounds like they were getting close to that time and had some storm problems, so have said they are removing the cams today.   News on the recovery of E8 will continue to be posted as we have it.

There are also lots of fledges to report!  The following nests (that I know of) have had fledges in the last week or so:  ETSU Johnson City (JC7), AEF Washington DC (both), Pittsburgh Hays (H6), RF Eaglecam (one fledge so far),  Decorah’s D24 and both eaglets at NCTC (fludges but made it back to the nest).   Way to go fledglings!

That leads me to the fludge, or accidental branching mis-step at Duke Farms.  One of the eaglets popped out of the nest and down in the tree.  It seems fine and the parents are around.  It has been working its way back up but not quite to the nest so far.  The pic above is from Duke Farms, showing where the eaglet is now.

June 13 update on injured eaglet E8 – fighting an infection

Here is what CROW posted on their Facebook page today:

“E8 is currently fighting an infection in the broken bone of the right leg and is receiving daily antibiotics. A culture was taken to identify the bacteria causing the infection so the eaglet can receive the highest standard of care possible. E8’s blood work came back normal and the eaglet continues to eat on its own and is perching. The eaglet will not be moved back outside to the small flight enclosure until the infection clears.”