First Hatch complete and Second Hatch in progress at HWF Harrison Mills!

Yesterday welcomed the first hatch at Harrison Mills and the second little one is making good progress this afternoon!  Link to cam:

Redding Eaglecam back up and running!

After being down for a while due to having components underwater and damaged from storms in Northern California, they were able to get things repaired and the cam is back online!  It is wonderful to see and confirm that there is one eaglet who is approximately 2 weeks old!  Link to cam:

First Hatch for eagle parents Elli and Roo at Dollywood!

There are 3 different nests on camera (although one cam is currently broken) of non-releasable eagles who live at the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary in Dollywood.  New pair Eleanor and Mr. Roosevelt (Elli and Roo) have their first hatch!  It is always so wonderful to see the eagles and the work done by AEF to care for and allow for non-releasable eagles to pair and raise chicks.  Link to cams:

Second Hatch at the Standley Lake eaglecam nest!

I saw reports of a second hatch yesterday at Standley Lake and captured a screenshot this morning of the two little ones as they both popped up for a nice meal!  Yay!  Link to cam:

First Hatch at the Standley Lake eaglecam nest!

After a few days of maybe, possibly, it looks like, we might have an eaglet, we have a confirmed view today as a little one can be seen popping up just behind the branch that partially blocks the cam view as it occasionally bobbles into view.  It is practically impossible to see in my screenshot, but when you are watching live, you can see the little one moving.  so Yay!  Because of the camera angle, we won’t know exactly when the eaglet hatched, but it is fair to assume it was in the past day or so.   Link to cam: