First Hatch complete and Second Hatch in progress at HWF Harrison Mills!

Yesterday welcomed the first hatch at Harrison Mills and the second little one is making good progress this afternoon!  Link to cam:

Sad loss of an eaglet at the HWF Delta nest – Critical Watch Alert

Sadly, the younger of the two six week old eaglets at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation’s Delta nest has passed away.  It appears that it had some sort of respiratory problem.   As always, a Critical Watch Alert is issued to alert viewers of the possible difficulties in watching how the deceased eaglet is disposed of at the nest over the next few days.  I have to apologize for not issuing a Watch Caution earlier when I first learned of the problem at the nest a few days ago.  I know that many folks who watch the nest suffered along with little Pippin as the problem progressed.  Many ((hugs)) to all who love and follow this nest.

Sad loss of the 3 day old youngest eaglet at Harrison Mills – Critical Watch Alert!

Sadly it appears that the younger of the two eaglets hatched just last week at the HWF Harrison Mills eaglecam nest has perished.  It is unknown what happened.  There was no particular aggression seen between the two, just that for some reason the littlest one stopped trying to get food and now has not been seen moving for many hours.   The Critical Watch Alert is, as always, so that viewers can determine whether to watch over the next few days as the deceased chick is disposed of.  This can take a number of forms, from the parents removing the chick, to it being buried and absorbed by the nest materials, to the parents feeding and consuming the remains.  RIP little one.  We wish you were here with us longer.  ((hugs))

Second Hatch underway at the HWF Delta2 eaglecam nest!

Early stages, but a definite crack in the egg as the second hatch at the Hancock Wildlife Foundation’s Delta2 cam gets underway!  Link to cam:

First egg arrives at the HWF Harrison Mills nest!

Yippee!!!, our later in the season nests are starting to have eggs!  Today we have our first egg at the Harrison Mills eaglecam nest in British Columbia!  Link to cams:

big thanks to eagleguy for the heads up!

White Rock nest falls from tree – eagles all okay

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation White Rock nest fell from the tree today.  Fortunately the eaglets have fledged and although they have spent time in the nest to eat, etc, their flying skills are great and so it shouldn’t be a problem for them.   Link to cams:

Both Eaglets have now Fledged from the White Rock nest!

Shortly after my post yesterday on the eaglet that had accidentally fledged to a lower branch, it truly fledged! Yay! Then today the second eaglet fledged!  As I write this, I see one is back visiting the nest.  Big congrats to the White Rock eagle parents and all of the eagle aunties and uncles who love this nest!   Link to cam: