New Eaglecam to watch! This one in Michigan

There’s a new eaglecam online!  CarbonTV is streaming a cam in Beulah Michigan.  Here’s what we know so far about the cam and eagles (provided from the cam page):   “The CarbonTV Eagle Cam is located in Beulah, MI near the Platte River State Fish Hatchery.  They’ve nested there the past two years. They’ve had one eaglet successfully fledge from the nest each year. We see them flying the river at the hatchery on a regular basis.” Link to cam:   The cam has sound and night vision.  Big thanks to Darrin and Mindy for the heads up about the new cam!

One small caution with this cam.  I don’t know really anything about CarbonTV but it appears they stream outdoor type shows.  When you watch the cam, there is a mandatory commercial.  One that played while I was watching was about a special on ‘Women who Hunt’ and how they can kill as easily as men.  I know that hunting is a sensitive subject for some, so just wanted to mention it.