Good news! Rescued eaglet DC4 to be returned to the nest!

Update: DC4 has been successfully returned to the nest!

So  happy to see that they will be able to return DC4 to the nest today!  Here is what AEF posted:

USFWS & tree climber will be returning the eaglet to the nest before nightfall tonight. Our intent currently is to keep the streaming live during the process, so you may tune in to to watch.

AEF and the U.S. Arboretum/Agricultural Research Service (ARS) will put out an official statement this weekend regarding these events.

4 thoughts on “Good news! Rescued eaglet DC4 to be returned to the nest!”

  1. So awesome to see talent, still and gentleness of human who returned eaglet to nest! Also impressed with quite how enormous that eagle nest is. Even the human looked small in it, and he was standing inside! So grateful to all involved in taking care of our precious eagles. Bouquets to all! Keep the cam coming!

  2. I watched DC4 being returned to the nest. WOW! So brave of the man, or men, who climbed up there to rescue and then return the eaglet! So happy DC4’s leg is ok!!

  3. He’s back. Waiting for the parents return, but I know they are near. No to worry though, looks like he has a full crop.

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