Sad loss of an eaglet at the CarbonTV eaglecam nest

I learned this morning that sadly, one of the very young eaglets at the CarbonTV nest has perished.  Apparently it got stuck on a parent and was inadvertently carried away from the nest bowl.  The baby then became trapped in another part of the nest.  It was very cold overnight and the baby didn’t survive, although the parents did try to help it as much as they could.  Condolences and hugs to all who watch and love this nest.

9 thoughts on “Sad loss of an eaglet at the CarbonTV eaglecam nest”

  1. It was not intended as a scolding. It was to get the facts straight. To assume things and include gloom & doom to so many who love this nest and have watched faithfully since the cams went up is really very insensitive. I apologize if it seemed offensive. I just feel that those who are so invested in these eagle families should be respected.

  2. This nest is scarey to start with, will be surprised is remaining eaglet survives. Not much material in nest, very small area, lot of twigs to get trapped in. Breaks your heart when something happens to an eaglet, so sad.

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    1. this is the 5th season for this pair at the Platte River Hatchery. in the past four years 6 eggs have been laid; (1 egg 1st season; 1 egg 2nd season; 2 the 3rd; 2 the 4th) from these 6 eggs all hatched & fledged except one that fell from nest the third season. i’ve come to realize that all nests are different & all parents have their own style of parenting. don’t think the adjective “scary” is a good description — guess all eagle nests a bit scary being 70 – 100 feet up a tree — anyway, i think this nest has proven its success in subsequent fledges, kind of partial as i’m a true blue Michigander.

    2. I’m not sure if my earlier comment was posted. I have been watching the Beulah Eagle cam since it started. They raised two eaglets last year successfully. Also have raised their young in the past with success. I don’t believe it’s scary at all or that the size of the nest matters. Look what happened to The little DC eaglet. This was just an unfortunate accident that can happen at any nest. I’ve seen more drama this year at different nests. Dale Hollow being one of them where the third one lingered on for days trying to survive only to be beaten upon by the older on. That was a horrible thing but it’s comes with the territory if you want to see these majestic birds raise their young. We that watch the Beulah Eagles are very proud of our Beulah Nest and the Parents.

    3. For those of us that watch the Beulah cam, this was truly heartbreaking. Sometimes we witness difficult events when watching Eagle cams. It’s ok to step away for a while, if it’s to difficult to watch, then come back and enjoy the nest and all the joy it brings. Mom and Dad Beulah have built a strong and sturdy nest, with plenty of nesting material in the nest bole and the top of the nest. The camera angle can be deceiving, making Eagles, Eaglets, food and nesting material appear smaller than they actually are. What I have found from watching several Eagle nests, is that all nests and Eagle couples are different, but always great partners, and parents. This nest is a “Pure Michigan” nest and that’s what makes it different and special. I have no doubts that Mom and Dad Beulah will raise a healthy eaglet to fledge, as they are great parents, and have raised young in the past. It is such a privilege for us to have the opportunity to look in on what we otherwise would have no knowledge of. As sad as this event has been, it happens in others nests, we just don’t know it. I invite all to come and check out “our” nest. We have a great community of the nicest people to chat with, and it’s fun. No worries in Northern Michigan 🙂

    4. We who watch the Beulah nest are all grieving the loss our precious eaglet and for someone to put more gloom & doom on us is awful thing to say. How do you think a nest the size of a VW in which all Fall the parents worked relentlessly adding to the rails and nest bole is “scary”? The angle of the camera is directed in such a way that it is pointing almost straight down so how can you even presume to know what the nest is like? In times like these if something positive can’t be said it is best to say nothing. Prayers and hugs to all of loyal followers and we invite those who love the eagles as we do to come visit the Beulah nest. It is a wonderful place with great chatters.

      1. Hi Katheryn,
        I appreciate your comment and clear love for the Beulah nest! It is so hard when something like this happens. I would ask you to please not scold others who post comments on this site. I encourage everyone to share their feelings here and you are certainly welcome to disagree with any comment, but would ask that you allow others to speak their view without personal criticism. There are so many sites where people can feel attacked, and for this site in particular, I’d like to make sure that doesn’t happen (not that you attacked, just trying to keep things open and allow everyone their thoughts). Thanks!! Twizzkid

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