Will they rescue eaglet “Snap” at DNR?

Eaglet Snap continues to appear to be stuck on something in the nest.  The situation is heart-wrenching to watch, and I think that in so many ways being a cam nest really does complicate the decision.  Yes it is nature and wild, and similar things no doubt happen at other nests as part of nature, but it is also one of the rare (of total eagle population) nests with a cam where lots of caring people are watching.    Here’s what’s happening at this point.  MN DNR has put out a statement reiterating their “no interference with nature” policy – basically that they will not rescue.   At the same time, there is a grass roots movement of people contacting DNR, the Wildlife center, the media, everyone they can think of to lobby for rescue.   Facebook chatter Linda Lodge Abelson Andreozzi has been interviewed by ABC news affiliate KSTP who will air a story on the situation at 4:30 and 6:00 MN time.   If you would like to contact the agencies who are involved, or are reporting, here is some contact info that has been posted on Facebook  and on forums by fans of the nest:

Minnesota DNR:  call 1-888-646-6367 ask for non-game wildlife or Lori Naumann, email: Lori.Naumann@state.mn.us

Minnesota Raptor center: (note they have indicated that they are ready to help if asked, but cannot make the decision) 612-624-4745

KSTP TV (they are doing the story) reporter is Josh Rosenthal – email: jrosenthal@kstp.com





31 thoughts on “Will they rescue eaglet “Snap” at DNR?”

  1. Always a balance….takes discernment….yet Rescue means rescue….at least Snap has a chance to live….I haven’t heard how he is doing? If it is sepsis, he would not have lived without treatment…

  2. I want to say thank you for posting this. I think email was instrumental in getting many people actively involved in calling the DNR as well as the media station. The fact that you provided all the phone numbers and email addresses made it easy to take immediate action. YOU made a difference in this eaglet’s future. Thank you!

  3. Rescue the eaglet like they did when the Mother Eagle was killed by an airplane in Norfolk a couple years ago. All three eaglets survived!

  4. First do no harm, then resolve the situation regardless of interfering If it were true nature, no one watching, then it would be non-resolvable. But we ARE watching and expect resolution.

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