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Humboldt eaglet Mist

Both Eaglets have fledged at the Humboldt Bay nest!

July 26, 2014 1 Comment

Yippee!!  Today Mist, the female eaglet at the Humboldt nest fledged and her brother Angel fledged a few days ago on July 23.  Wonderful news! Congrats to all who love and follow this nest!   Link to cam: http://www.iws.org/hbe.html

“Indy” from White Rock fledges, “SOAR” from Decorah healing and loss at Boonshoft

July 17, 2014 3 Comments

Here is a quick summary of recent news:   Happily, the second eaglet at White Rock has successfully fledged.  Thanks to Chris for the heads up on that one!  Great to see both Jules and Indy out and about.   The Decorah eaglet “SOAR” (D20) who is rehabbing from a broken wing, is healing well enough that they could remove the metal pin yesterday.  Also, there are some discussion, and it make take significant time for his tail feathers to repair.   More info and xray pics can be found on the SOAR Facebook page.  Finally some sad news as one of the Boonshoft fledged eaglets has perished after it was found with a severely damaged wing.  You can read more at the Eastwood Eagle Watchers forum post here: http://eastwoodeaglewatchers.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/reality-bites/


Lake Washington nest disintegrates – eaglets ok!

July 17, 2014 4 Comments

Wow, checked in on the Lake Washington cam and the nest was just plain gone! Thankfully, there is a very helpful thread over on the Hancock Wildlife Forum where watchers have been posting pictures and info as the nest was falling apart in the last few days.  They note that they have seen both eaglets.  The eaglets are over 11 weeks old.  It is not known if they have technically fledged, but they are old enough to, and so are doing fine as far as folks have been able to see.  Being fed on the branches by parents, etc.   Link to cam: http://wdfw.wa.gov/wildwatch/eaglecam/video_lw2.html

White Rock

Eaglet “Jules” from Hancock White Rock nest Fledges!

July 12, 2014

One of the eaglets from the HWF White Rock nest fledged early this morning.  Big thanks to Chris for the heads up!  Christian Sasse has had one of his wonderful live feeds going with a cam pointed at Jules where s/he ended up in a nearby tree.   The live feed with Christian narrating events as they happen can be found here: http://www.hancockwildlife.org/index.php?topic=LiveStream   As I write (11:45 am nest time – PDT), Christian has the camera on, but left for a well earned break, and Jules decided to pop to another location just a few minutes later, so at the moment I don’t see Jules on cam.   It looks just Indy is on the main nest cam, so not sure where Jules is, but hear screeping and Jules was preening and looking quite comfortable on Christian’s cam feed.    Here is the link to the main White Rock cams: http://www.hancockwildlife.org/index.php?topic=White-Rock-Eagle1 Oops, there goes the camera view changing again, so things changing quickly, and I see Indy doing some beautiful branching! Oh, Christian just came back, and I may have seen Jules fly by the main camera.  Okay, gonna stop typing and get this posted and get back to watching.   Exciting day at White Rock, and oh, how beautiful the view is from that regular cam!  Congrats to all the White Rock fans!

Tragic electrocution loss of Decorah’s D18 eaglet today

July 8, 2014 12 Comments

I’m very sad to report that D18 (EWOT) was electrocuted today.   Here is what RRP posted on Facebook about what happened:

7-8-14 ~ We are Heartbroken to Announce the Electrocution of our Male Juvenile Decorah Eaglet (EWOT / believed to be D18)

Bob Anderson has released this statement:
“This morning the one young 2014 male eagle was seen soaring high over the bluff near Decorah compost site. We were all impressed by his flying skill. We believe that the young eagle was on his way back to the compost site when he attempted to land on the power pole about 1/2 mile from the compost site. This was a high transmission power pole and the eaglet suffered burns on its wing (wrist) and singed feathers on his feet. The electricity either entered through its feet and out the wing or vice versa, and his wing was nearly severed.We are all very saddened as his flying prowess led us to believe that we would have a long lived male eagle to compliment the data from our famous D1″.

You may recall the Decorah eagles D12 and D14 were both electrocuted in 2012, and while many of the power poles around the nest and hatchery were retrofitted, not all poles in Decorah were, and this pole was quite a distance from the nest tree.

We will have more information tomorrow as we learn more.

Quick update on Decorah eaglets – looking good!

July 3, 2014 3 Comments

Just a quick summary update (and I’m not even going to try and use their names LOL):  The eaglet with the broken wing, had surgery a few days ago to pin the break and continues to recover at SOAR.  They are reporting today that for the first time since surgery the eaglet ate “whole giant chicken leg on his own”, which is great news!   The other two eaglets are hanging out at the Decorah Yard Waste Facility mulch pile and are being fed by Dad, and both parents are in the area, keeping an eye on them.   So, a different experience than past years, but all seems good at this point. 

MN Bound

They went thatta way! Fledges, Fludges, and other adventures!

July 3, 2014 4 Comments

Oh my!  it’s been a heart-stopping couple of days for eagleholics!  The eaglets are making their way into the world in spectacular fashion!  (attached pic shows fun stick arrow that chatters have noticed in MNB nest)

At MN Bound, Arky was seen fludging (accidental looking fledge), and I don’t believe has been spotted yet.  It was first thought to be Dakota, but further review of the tape showed it was Arky.

At MN DNR, both Crackle and Pop fledged today!  I haven’t heard yet if they’ve been spotted.

At Maine, the eaglet appeared to fludge, but was very vocal and when parent with food came into the nest, the eaglet flew back to a branch above the nest and dropped right back onto that food!  A little clunky, but oh so beautiful to see!

HB5 released at Harrison Bay! Parents and sibling (HB6) seen nearby!

June 30, 2014 6 Comments

Yippee and big thanks to AEF and all who helped with injured eaglet HB5’s rescue and recovery!  HB5 was released today back at the park and was seen flying immediately to a tree near the nest.  The parents were reported to be seen nearby as was HB5’s sibling, HB6.      Bret Douglas was there and has a wonderful set of photos here: http://bretdouglas.smugmug.com/BearTraceEagles/i-2Q6MgDZ    Bret’s beautiful photos cover the whole 2014 season at the nest, so make sure you scroll to the end (pages 3 and 4) for today’s pics.     Link to cam: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/harrison-bay-eagle-cam

Looks like eaglet HB5 from Harrison Bay may be released tomorrow!

June 29, 2014 1 Comment

I’m seeing a post on the AEF Facebook page that release is scheduled for tomorrow.  HB5 has been recovering from a fledge time injury at AEF’s wonderful facilities.  I don’t have any other details at this point.  It sounds like the plan is to release HB5 back at the golf course, but I can’t confirm that.  I will update the info if I learn more.  Just wanted to put a heads up out there for what looks like great news!  I know so many are rooting for HB5!

Alcoa Davenport confirms eaglet Rudy has fledged!

June 27, 2014 1 Comment

The single eaglet at Alcoa has fledged!  Watchers note that they are pretty sure he/she fledged in the past few days, but today it is official.  Yoohoo and go Rudy!!!!   Congrats to all who love this cam!  It was a challenging season for sure, with weather challenges and other eagles around, causing the parents to spend significant time defending the nest which possibly contributed to the breaking of the second egg early in the season.   Link to cam: http://www.alcoa.com/locations/usa_davenport/en/info_page/eaglecam.asp


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